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Over the last week, various members of the Subpoena Academy have begun reaching out to the scientific community about the Concert and its consultative forum.

The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) paraded. Patricia Zoniga., Gabriela Duterte., Julia Tegina And Jose Franco. As far as I know, there are no more seats on the doorstep.

A piece of information: the prosecutor. Alejandro Gertz Manero. And the prosecutor specializes in organized crime, Alfredo Higuera, They cannot refrain from giving copies of investigation folders to 31 accused.

Incredibly, and despite the dismissal of organized crime and money laundering charges by a judge from Altiplano, those whose standards remained technically and legally strong because they were not appealed were treated very well. Was informed that they are being investigated. The same crimes

The initial 31 academics have not been cited, and it is not yet clear whether the FGR has cited some yes and some no.

But after going to the prosecutor’s office and formally defending some of them, it has become relevant to ask: Who defends the scientists?

We can answer you today: a very diverse but highly capable set of lawyers. Some have befriended them, others on a real basis, and yet some receive only the necessary expenses or fees that compensate for the time they deserve to be defended.

Although the group of lawyers has agreed not to disclose who defends pro-democracy and who does not, we know that the following criminal prosecutors lead the defense of scientists.

point to Ricardo Sanchez. Chief Retina., Manuel Reiss Retina., Lorraine Maraboto, Rafael Matos., Marco Tulio Martنیnez., Oscar Zamodio, جوس زاپاتا۔, Ramon Cabrera, Oscar Suprano., Alejandro Ramirez., Juan Jose Zubeta., Alfredo del Reo., Jesus Moreno de Leja., Ramon Cabrera And Eduardo Amerina., Among others.

Scientists are not alone and they have good lawyers, who are determined, united and in touch. However, the allegations are far more serious, for crimes committed to combat drug trafficking and kidnapping, and for crimes that leave the billionaire and hire an army of lawyers and corrupt officials.

Also, these crimes are being used against businessmen, politicians and opponents who can somehow afford first-class defense. In the case of scientists, they are not only trying to tarnish their image: many refuse to defend themselves in the media for fear that they will be fired and lose their only source of income. ۔

And their defense in the hands of a competent lawyer can ruin someone financially. It’s like treating cancer without insurance.

Therefore, it is noteworthy that all the lawyers are assisting in this defense to the best of their ability so that the accused are not financially deprived of this meaningless allegation.

Not only is their reputation being attacked, but a scientist survives. Since they must arrange grants and support for their research, honesty is as important to them as their intelligence.

Rejecting Gertz with everything and his theft was not a personal matter, it was not the person’s rejection, it was a protection of the seriousness of the academy and Mexican science.

An arrest warrant was issued against Trigger a few weeks ago. Victor Manuel Alvarez Paga. And his wife Nineteen Gomez. MontThe deputies and senators, who are already at the forefront of all Q4 government’s legislative battles, must keep in mind: approving or rejecting counter-reforms to empower the CFE. Anders Manuel Lopez Obrador. He has already threatened to remove his dirty laundry if he opposes the proposal. That legislators see themselves in the mirror of PRI senators’ leaders, Miguel Osorio Chong.. Ten days before the arrest warrant was issued, the former home secretary did not respond to calls from the federal government. The former governor of Hidalgo was urged to support the issue of interest in the national palace, but he turned a deaf ear. Ten more arrest warrants were issued after Alvarez Poga and his wife, all former accomplices.

According to the current need, the President. Anders Manuel Lopez Workroom He will take the league further, regardless of the commitment he has made with himself and the former president. Enrique Peیناa Nieto., He agreed not to be aggressive, that, on the instructions of the now tenant of the national palace, he ran and acted on the man of all his trusts, Julio Scherer Ebra.. The list of alleged untouchables requested by Peña Nieto was very short. Lewis ویڈی گارائے۔, Jose Antonio Meade., Emilio Luzoya Austin., Jose Antonio Gonzalez Inaya, Angelica Rivera., Miguel Osorio Chong. And Mala Mala Oak tree.. All but the former Secretary of Social Development were defeated by the new government of the Fourth Change. But three years later, Scherer left the presidency’s legal department and Lopez Obrador’s dwarfs are growing, so there will be no agreement that is worth it.

On the same line, keep an eye out. Caesar Augusto Peniche.. We had already expected that on Thursday. To the outgoing Pan Governor’s first prosecutor. Javier Coral. They have seen it in the offices of the Attorney General of the Republic. It is claimed that he was called. Alexander Gertz. منیرو۔ So he can do a trust control test because he goes to the special prosecutor’s office to fight corruption. The purpose of its possible arrival would be to squeeze the PRI. The former prosecutor is known for his hostility towards him, which was not only seen in the persecution of the former governor Caesar Dwart., But his brilliant participation in the so-called Operation Safiro, which investigated the diversion of resources by some state governments in favor of PRI candidates. Were at its center. Louis Wade Gare. And Manlio Fabio Beltravens..

It’s too complicated. Roselio Ramirez de lao. Nafinsa and Bancomext. Juan Pablo de Boutin Falcon. He says he is a very bright young man, perhaps without the qualities of a banker, but a mathematician. And she has where: Her father, Sergio de Botan Emeritus, had the highest average of 10 out of every 50 students at CUM High School between 1974 and 1977. By the way, according to the president Andrew Manuel Lopez Obrador. Extremely conservative thinkers live above Las Lomas. Anders Manuel., Jose Ramon And Gonzalo Alfonso Lopez Beltron. He attended all the junior high and high schools there and established a strong bond with the young de Boutin Falcon, a friendship that is stronger today than ever before.

Decision Miguel Eliman Magni To sign the offender. Augustine Acosta Izkin. The logic is that the plaintiff has roots, identities and good connections in France, where he is a fugitive and safe from his citizenship. Acosta Starr was a lawyer who defended and repatriated. Florence cases., In a landmark case that reached the Supreme Court of the Nation and in which the kidnapper had the support of the then Minister Olga Sanchez Corduro.. Now the son of a former PRI governor. Miguel Eliman Velasco He leans on the son of another former Trinamool Veracruz governor, Auguston Acosta Lagons., To defend it from allegations of tax evasion that the SAT de. Rachel Beyoncرو. In the case of Interjet


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