¿Se Institucionaliza Morena?

The political malaise of Morena, the political movement created by López Obrador to win the presidency in 2018, is not a part of the politics that is in the power, his instrument of political-electro-electoral for, cosmopolitanism, cosmopolitanism. Politics is not just for the sake of sacral, aún and with its accents (partisan of verbatim and verbatim), the reforms that have ultimately been accepted by the President and as such it is considered to be the last of the sexes because it is not politically correct. Pues, with the rest of the partisan politicians represented in the Congress, and that three of them (PAN, PRI and PRD) are holding a political alliance that has not executed alone in the congress, All the federations of the año pasado and in the queues of the three entities donde hace unas semenas hubo elekiones locales.

Morena hailed the convocation to initiate the UN legal process to regulate its internal organs for the last days of July and the first of its kind, or that it was practically “gobierna” because of the inconveniences or concerns of its members. Effectively considering the ley and the electoras of the también, such movimiento quizás or no existie legally because of the passions with their proprietary mums and hackia fueraando ley y susnosore misellos, en la le ya Would you practically give up your functions because we could expect a “political part” like Morena?

Without interns with legal validity because they have been deprived of their time formally, tanto in a national way as in the local, the legitimacy is erosioned and only the fuerza of “valorend entendidos” or accusations of authoritarian accusations “Ostracónicas de socérion superior” han logrado sobrevivir desde que lepez obrador dejó la dirección nacional. But there is no such thing as serendipity, or that the partisan charismatic politicians are just as historically, and as if they were extinguishing when the lord, but a different razor, desperate, as the fugitive of the Charles of Charles. Log on to our lord, but just a few words that it will be part of the galaxy (we record that there is no such thing) that the institutionalization of the com- pany of comos de ores. .

Ay Hay hoy alguien capaz de sustitir a López Obrador en el liderazgo del movimiento politico que creó a su imagen y semejanza? To enter, the response is simple: NO, don’t let those who have been involved in the charisma, the narcissist or the concomitant in the tear of money, like the pudu hacer él, and like Morena is “our creature”, much There is no doubt that in our interior we will not necessarily be able to accompany other people, because more “heresy” who say that he or she is present is like a person before the Morenistas and the society in general, without the auspices, interiors. Disciplined, in a word, the accuracy of the institutionalization of Morena is a point of debacle that, I think, the opposition has not been able to find a way to promote a series of contradictions in the interior, including the power of the power. The acrylics, or are some algaein thiene certezas de la “lealtad” de los partidos del Trabajo y Verde al terminar el sexenio actual? , or the compartments of some of the agronomists or lides of individually within the actual mazacote of Morena? López Obrador, obvio, aunque no vaya en la boleta electoral en 2024, lo menos que querría es de los agrupamientos, lo menos que querría es dejaró es dejaróso,, ya har todo lo legal y no para que quinen defina como su sucesor ( a) Gane, but hopefully this is not guaranteed that Morena, who would have been a logrado ganar in the territory, would have maintained if there was no institutional process or a vez, López Obrador maintains the idea of ​​a cacicazgo with a “ maximato tropical ”.

It is important to consider the advantages of entering into an agreement because if the coalition opponent maintains these specialties, then goblins by PRIs and goblins of their policies should be considered in the pursuit of their policies. Encourage, and this will be favored by Ebrard because his profile will be much appreciated or simplified by the opposing Coalition, but he will be able to win the State of Mexico and Coahuila, this will be the Jefa de Gobiiero of Ciudad; This is because of the crisis that has already come to the fore from the PRI and the concerns that SE has made the PAN tienen que solverlos de immediato si quieren ser competitivos, y aprovechar la lucha por el poder que en la deposta guerrenova en la deposta guer . The structures and organs of gobierno interno se dará en unas semanas en Morena, enter the different aspirants to the candidacy for the presidency and the different “tribus”, which are simply for the sake of comfort or local espacies.

As a question, how would he like Hernccia López obrador a part of politics or the movement that he encountered in the presidency of desperate with his retreat? Ra Do you think Morena in the middle of nowhere would be a partisan political or he would like to move as a movement-instrument of populism and would he be sure to promote a liberal democracy in Mexico? And, is it possible to understand that the process of cartelism was taking place in its current state of crisis and tend to have a structural and democratic response?