Seamus Power in the hunt but Shane Lowry at risk after losing touch at Brookline

Seamus Power was saved by his putter but Shane Lowry admitted he felt bad on the greens as his second consecutive 72 saved him seven shots off the opening clubhouse lead at the US Open at Brookline.

That mighty West Waterford man made five putts between nine and 45 feet in level par 70 in a daring, level par 70 to overtake world number one Scotty Scheffler and qualifier Nick Hardy by just four strokes in an over.

But Laurie headed to her rental home in search of some GAA solace on the TV before heading back to the course to practice for a while. However, as the scoring increased among the late starters, their chances of making the cut were dwindling.

Ironically, the midlander was the happiest of the two with his long game after another grueling round at The Country Club.

Power is becoming a seriously impressive player at the highest level and, helped by caddy Simon Keeling, he managed to avoid being over-frustrated by his painfully slow-playing partner, Korean Johyung Kim (19).

He admitted that his putter was crucial to keeping alive his hopes of winning the title over the weekend, despite having just 10 major rounds under his belt.

“I’ve made some good ones from afar, which is huge,” Power said of his cast. “You think it’s a double bonus when the course is playing hard and you’re able to just be there. Hopefully I’ll get some sense on the border in the afternoon and hopefully the putter stays warm for the weekend.

Starting from the last nine, the world number 41 rolled in a 45-foot break from right to left in 12th and returned to championship level during the rollercoaster round.

After a five-foot wrap in the 13th, he made a 16-footer for a par in the 15th, swung that shot back in the 191-yard 16th, then rolled in a clever 10 footer to the birdie in the 17th, only Dropped the bunker and another shot on the 18th to fall to the front.

It was equal fare on the last nine as he brushed 25-foot for a birdie in the third, but missed the sixth and seventh greens and dropped two shots. But he saved his day by nearly hiding a high-tariff bunker shot from 15 feet when he was short-sided in ninth and followed a birdie from fifth to eighth.

With just five shots left as he finished with the Top 50, Power knows a good third round could shake him.

“If you can just hang in there and warm up for nine holes over the weekend, that could be everything,” he said.

“You still get frustrated and all that. But the thing with Major is you have to get out of it very fast because you can turn a mistake into two dropped shots very quickly. When I got out of position So I’ve been smart and I think it’s huge, got no doubles, it’s hard to get the shot back so it’s important to avoid these for now.”

Masters champion Scheffler dropped two opening shots but birdied eighth, then came home in 31 and scored 67 and tied for the opening clubhouse lead at three-under with American qualifier Hardy, who scored 68 and took them overnight. Left one stroke away from leader Adam Hadwin. , who scored 72 runs to sit with Matt Fitzpatrick (70) and Sam Burns (67).

Lowry looked destined for a good day on the green when he cruised into 40 feet for an opening birdie in the 10th. But that was not to happen as he racked up four three-puts.

He missed 15 feet from the top of the hole for three-puts in the 12th, 13th and 14th for birdies, then dropped another shot from 45 feet to the 3-put 16th and 190-yard 16th, where he was unlucky until the end. was. In the intelligent Facebook right above a bunker.

The offley man feared the most when he placed three-three seconds to go in five overs for the championship, but he ended up with another three-put bogey on sixth between birdies on fifth and seventh to finish in four overs. Sandwiched for.

“Ah look, yeah, I’m in for the weekend, I’m sure,” Lowry said of the cut for the Top 60, before the weather improved and the cut projection changed from four overs to three overs. “If I can somehow find something on the greens, I can come back over the weekend to be better for the tournament and it can be a good week.

“Tee to green, my game was pretty flawless today so I’m a little disappointed with my score. When I went five overs on second (11th) for the tournament, I wasn’t very optimistic from there and I’m 9 from Boston tonight: Was thinking about the 30’s house.

As far as his putting goes, he said: “To be honest, I feel really bad on greens at the moment. It’s a mental thing for me. I averaged last week, but I dare a year now.” but you can’t judge at all in a week or a few days.

“I’m going to do some errands this evening, but I’m going away now because Offley is playing a minor All-Ireland semi-final this evening, so I’m going to go home and watch it and then come back more tonight.” work for an hour.
“Hopefully Claire doesn’t put me in a bad mood, but they probably will just like Offley going GAA. But we have a big weekend with this afternoon and then Sunday against Westmeath is a big one for me.” I was really thinking I might get to see this on some level.

“If I had kept something similar to what I was doing lately, I’m pretty sure I’d have been at the top of the leaderboard.”

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