Sean Spicer, alarmed at being removed from the Military Advisory Board, vowed to sue.

Business Insider:

Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer has said he intends to sue President Joe Biden over his request to resign.

“I will not submit my resignation, and I will join a lawsuit to fight it,” Spicer told Newsmax on Wednesday on the conservative cable network where he is an anchor.

Well, the fact is that Newsmax has its own show that tells you how useless this indifferent Trump lamp is. Newsmax is here to tell you what Pepsi Max Carbonated Dingo is for urine.

And on what basis will he sue?

The Biden administration on Wednesday sent letters to 11 Trump-era speakers to the Military Academy Advisory Boards requesting their resignations. They included Spicer, former National Security Adviser HR McMaster and former senior Trump adviser Killian Conway. Appointments have been made to schools, including the US Military Academy and the Naval Academy.

Of course, what appears to be eliminating Spicer was the defense of the Biden administration’s move by current White House Press Secretary Jane Psaki. Shortly after sending the letter, Saki said, “The president’s goal is the same as any president’s goal, to make sure that your nominees and the people who serve on those boards are qualified to serve on them and that your values Are according to And yes, that was a question that was made. And, with Snorkel, he continued: “I’ll let others review whether they think Killian Conway and Sean Spicer and others were qualified to serve on those boards.” . “

Oh boy, Shawn didn’t like it. And he walked away like a jumbled cricket in anger at the salted baths.



Spicer: “I am announcing for the first time tonight that I will not resign and I will. Will Join the fight to fight it. The e-mail I received earlier this afternoon was: ‘I am writing to the Board of Visitors to send your resignation request to the United States Naval Academy. If we do not receive your resignation by the end of today, ‘what is now, and they will not’, you will be terminated. A formal letter is attached. “On behalf of President Biden, I am requesting your resignation as a member of the Board of Visitors of the US Naval Academy,” the letter said. واپس Remember back during the inauguration when President Biden said ‘I’m going to be president for all people, Trump voters, everyone else’? Yes, where did it go? Out of the window, too much, huh? At a time when the administration is dealing with the effects of Hurricane Ida, what are their priorities? Apparently he prefers to go to California to campaign for Government Newsom and to dismiss veterans from service academies.

Too much nonsense, but it’s too much. The key was to mention the essential race race theory and its 22-year-old Navy service and to bring some of the bullying about the move to a “new level”, but it’s all about filling up airtime and showing Spicer something like this. A custom-made cross between a preacher of righteousness and a deception.

I’ll add more from the clip, but copying Spicer is a bit like trying to play a Tchaikovsky piano concert, and without the piano.

Of course, Spicer was not alone in wanting to hang on to the sweet gig he had earned for his loyalty to Donald Trump. Top Trump Capo Killian Conway also made some terrible noises.

Seriously, these jobs are hardly important. They are free and largely formal, as detailed. This Army Times. Story:

Boards Military Academy West Point, Naval Academy in Annapolis And Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs Made up of a mix of legislators and presidential appointments that traditionally meet several times a year to provide non-binding advice on issues such as curriculum, student motivation and institutional needs.

Also, it only makes sense that President Biden would like to expel a group of liars (18, exactly) who were put in their positions by a boy, you know, Tried to eliminate America.. But if Republicans are no more than that, they basically disappear.

Yes, the Biden administration has bigger priorities than that, but it is somehow able to do more than one thing at a time. And the campaign to defeat the Conservatives’ efforts to remember California during Cove 19 is not really that scary, especially compared to the numerous super-spreader rallies Donald Trump held in the fall of 2020 when he was thought to be They are pretending to deal with epidemics.

But, hey, consistency has never been their strong suit, has it?

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