Secretarios de la Defensa y la Marina me aligeran carga, señala el Presidente

The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador recognizes the work of the secretaries of the Marina Armada of Mexico, José Rafael Ojeda Durán, y de la Defensa, Luis Crescencio Sandoval, quienes han sido de gran ayuda en el andercicio de su encargo.

“I have the fortune to compete with the response of the Secretary of Defense, the Secretary of the Marina; the integrants of the exceptional Army Forces, the exemplary citizens who help me a lot in the responsibility that I have, alivian, I have the responsibility to respond no. fallarle al pueblo de México “.

During the commemorative ceremony by the Day of the Army of Mexico, López Obrador recorded that the passage of November 20 entered them military mandates, first of all, a reconciliation to honesty, which impedes leadership, integration, compromise in the benefit of the country.

“The Marina is one of the fundamental institutions of the National State, and like any other institution has its origins, its history, and its heroic deeds.”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador

“First of all, a reconciliation with the title is honesty. The President of Mexico, at the same time as Commander of the Armed Forces, decides to extend this reconciliation to the honesty of the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of Defense. From this point of view, it includes the leadership, the entrance, the compromise for the good of the people, for the good of our nation, ”he said.

In the name of the Government of Mexico, the federal mandate for the support that brindan in areas of public safety, as part of the compliance of the National Guard, and auxiliary to the public.

“It has a lot of prestige. How is the prestige of the Armada? What time has it determined? institution with an approval of more than 80 results per cent ”.

In his discourse, the title of the Federal Executive subdivision that only aggravates the works that develop in the matter of Public Security, sino with the Marine Plan of support to the population.

“Every time there is a natural phenomenon that affects the people, every time the people need support, support, there are places. exemplify, ”said López Obrador.

The President of Mexico unveiled the “north armor sphere” to locate a capsule of the time deposited near the wall, which will be opened in 50 years, in celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Day of the Army of Mexico.

In the installations of the Secretariat of the Marina, in the City of Mexico, the first mandated authority to provide the Condorcoration to Valor Heroico to the staff of the helicopter trip that suffers an air accident.

The Bicentenary of the Mexican Army, Reconciliation and Distinction of the International Maritime Organization (OMI) also took part in the maritime infantry of 2020, in the maritime infantry of Marina, Rosa María Pérez in control of Corrites Naval a personal civilian and military.

  • Date: The Secretary of the Marina signed, in July, that Mexico will hire honest public servants, on this day, the serious problem of corruption in the country.



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