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The US Securities and Exchange Commission has eased its anger on Coinbase. A publicly traded exchange is being investigated for allegedly selling crypto tokens on its platform that qualify as securities without complying with relevant rules and regulations. Coinbase, for its part, insists that it does No Sell ‚Äč‚Äčsecurities on your platform and the cryptocurrencies in question should be viewed as commodities instead. All the drama has put crypto in the grip of an existential crisis in the US, but the industry is still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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This week, Anita and Lucas talked about Coinbase’s latest regulatory woes, Elon Musk’s Tesla defrauding bitcoin maximalists and block-building game Minecraft pushing the blockchain.

Our guest: Arca Portfolio Manager David Nage

Nez, a venture investor at digital asset management firm Arca, shared his predictions of when crypto VC funds might actually start to deploy large amounts of capital, he said recently in a story by Meczyki.Net + crypto reporter Jackie Melinek. has deposited. All of Web3 is feeling uncertain right now, but since Nage was courageous enough to share his predictions, Anita and Lucas brought him on the podcast to talk more in-depth about how crypto lending companies went through a series of failures. and how bad they think things will get in the markets from here.

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