Security in Zacatecas is everyone’s thing: David Monreal

The Governor of Zacatecas, David monrealHe argued that the security issue in the state has long ceased to be a state issue to make it an issue for all Mexicans.

During his speech at the morning conference on Lopez Obrador in that state, Monreal thanked federal government of the security plan implemented in the unit.

“I want to express my appreciation and gratitude to the President of the Republic and the Government of Mexico, to the entire Government, for the good news, for restoring hope to Zacatecas, for coming to give us new courage, for coming to express this commitment “, express Monreal Avila from the device.

Similarly, the governor indicated that in order to restore the values ​​of the state, he will continue to call on religious leaders and the productive business sectors, youth and women in Zacatecas.

“The issue of security has long ceased to be just a state issue, today it is everyone’s business. That is why I will continue to call on religious leaders, free thinkers from the productive sectors, businessmen … young people, women, to restore values ​​and principles , ”He stressed.


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