Senator is ‘maturing’ the competency in the natural gas sector, expert expert – Financiero

لا Secretary of Energy (Senior) envió un oficio a la Reguladora de Energía Commission (CRE) y al Centro National de Control de Gas Natural (Cenegas) will inform you about the new requisitions for the transportation services of natural gas ducts.

In this document, it is stated that the users of natural gas transportation services are hydrocarburo alguna de las empresas productivas del estado: Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) o Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex).

“Even if the connoisseurs are impressed, the strategy that the CENEGAS can use is to provide services to the newcomers, to make their products more accessible. This, especially for SISTRANGAS points that the CFE has a contradictory capacitance ”, in addition to the legal firm Quesada in a regulatory alert.

The firm of abogados agregó que The strategy was designed by Sener implements a sustainable structure in the natural gas structure of Mexico in Mexico, to allow all users to use the prestigious services of the transport system for the most important parts of the country by controlling the CFE capacitance of molecular / territorial transport el extranjero.

The problems that arise

Respectfully, Paul Alejandro, energetic analyst at Dell Sector, said that there are three problems that will affect the industry and enter into this determination.

“First of all, regardless of the competitiveness in the natural gas market, even in the state of indefatigability to the consumers, and finally, we see that it is very opaque and embellish the form in which you can sign or camouflage venderties nogois” .

Accompanied by the specialist, with these dispositions, the goblin decides: ya sea con un Merchant o a proveer, yo ya ya no puedo comprarlo, se lo debo comprar a CFE y solo si ellos me venden, me van a renewar capacidad y permisos para transportar por ese ducto ”, agregó Paul Alejandro.

L. Mexican Instituto para la Competitividad (IMCO) Explain that these mediators violate the accusative abierto, effective, and not indefinitely discriminatory to the natural gas infrastructure previsto in the articles 62 and 70 of Le De Hydro Carborus.

“This trend is not just about the effects of perjudicals for the transporters and commercialists of this insomnia, but also for the financiers of users who are aware of the precision and quality of service that avoids CFE”, puntual Think tank.

Además, IMCO agregó que el cambio propento atentaría contra el estado de modicar los terminos y condiciones bajo los quales los usuarios firmaron contrato de transporte gas natural, lo cual pone en riesgo la certidumbre en el certidumbre The national inversion and extravagance management of political decisions The real administration of energy.

This is Xóchitl Gálvez

The Senator of PAN, Xóchitl Gálvez, agrees that this is the official viola of the competing leyes and that he is looking for an acronym with the Autoridades.

“There is a moment when there is a demand for internationals, or there is a comparison with the secret of energy, Stop itFor that we express that this is what we like with the theme of gas, because it is bad ”, subrayó.

The Firm Laws Recommend the participants of the industry, as the users of the SISTRANGAS are at the forefront of the accusations of the day, given the material efficiency that can be achieved. Supervisions of industry. de transporte en el SISTRANGAS que actualmente se está llevando a cabo.