Send 300 troops to Tizapán, Jalisco – Meczyki.

Guadalajara, Jal.- The Secretariat of the National Defense Remittance to the 300 effective militaries of the municipality of Tizapán Jalisco, located in the area of ​​Michoacán, while registering recurrentes accusations of crime in the organization of lacomidas de lacomidas de lacomidas . Pasada

The legions of the militia and the Guardia Nacional are registered after a differing video of their members. Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación, (CJNG)que se ufanan del control en la zona.

L. General Brigadier Dale Estado Meyer, Jesús Adolfo Amparán Hernández, indicates that the elements assigned to the strategy ‘Fuerza de Tarea’ that from the beginning of the day will come to our attention in the presence of the king of the country. The final contradictions of the final and active products.

In the act, the governor of the state, Enrique Alfaro, said that this vigilante operation was not only in Tiazapán, but also at the other municipalities of the state and the frontier with Michoacán, like Tuxcueca, Mancolaza, La Frontera with Concept of Buenos Aires, Valle de Juárez, Santa María del Oro and Quitupan, “Creo que los results han sido muy positivas, sin embargo, es unma bigma que tiene moments duros”.

In a communicative, Sedena informed that increasing security with a special expectation in the area, Zona Military, and defeated the Fareza de Tarea Regional, with an effective two-comparator of operations and 2 bases of the GN for the realization of various operations in the co-operation of the accredited treatments. compañías.

The document states that “there are various semenas, mammits and other municipalities such as Tamazula de Gordiano, Tuxcueca, Valle de Juárez, Santa María del Oro and Tizapán el Alto, there is an escarpment of infantecumbalas”.

The assignments assemble a combination of infantry units, Guardia Nacional, Paracaidistas and Fuerzas Speciales.

For his part, the alchemist of Tizapán El Alto, Martín Silva, has been named one of the federated federal authorities to improve vigilance and prevent violent acts like the ocuridos that have caused many months in other municipalities, the Minds of Conchos. “The gente acostumbra a verlos pasar armados, y todo. Sí se han acostumbrado porque pues no hay de otra.

The video of ‘conquista’

On the side of the video of the delinquents, he grabs the Calle Hidalgo of the Volantín community, which appears to be about 500 inhabitants, and is a delegation of Tizapán, municipal limítrofe with Michoacán, ubicado de al espario confrontation between groups afines al Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generaciónentre y una célula criminal denominada ‘Los Pájaros Sierra’.

In this video we see tens of thousands of hombres with arrows of fuego largas, a bordo of vehículos and with chalecos in those who exhibit siglas del CJNG, y gritan: “¡Ya llegamos y no nos vamos a ir!” Apenas, the 12th of June, the Public Security Commission of Tizapán El Alto, José Antonio Langurén, was embossed and assembled in the carcass that was in the municipality of Tuxcueca; United Nations school and United Nations subcommandant of the corporation resulted in gravity in the event.

The attachments spread to the policies of the three communist boards, to the orila of the carpetra with cedigos luminosos encendidos, similar to those used by the security corporations.

Even the repeat of the policies of the agrarian policy, the commissary was abiding in the logarithm, waiting for the subdirector of the Municipal Policy of Tizapán and a line of policy results.

The aggression, due to the investigations of the Fiscal, the derivation of the two conferences; The first with a group of young people, considered ‘halcones’, informants of the delinquency, the ones who responded to alter the ordinance in public.

Posteriorly, on the 19th of May, the mandala resulted in a trace that repeats, registered in Hacienda La Punta and Privada Colima, in the Colonia Loma Bonita, when traveling in his patrol; without resorting to extra protection or any blindness to movers.

Asimismo, the conflict between members Cartel de Jalsko y los Pájaros Sierra, se ha difundido en videos que aparecieron en las ultimas dos semanas. In one of the three most executions, and in another interrogation at an excellent interaction. los پجاروس سیرا Who knows the exaggerated information about the people in the area who are localized or who are their competitors.

The interrogation that its concoctions can be made in the zones of the Santa Ana Colonia, while cruising the Passion, as in the Inmediaces of an Iglesia and the Atlacadera, a local.

El Viernes, on the other side, the FGR defended that the militias encountered in the mismanagement of Municipio un vehículo robado with 4 fusiles of asalto, mil 273 cartridges, 51 cargo officers, 7 tactical tactics and 200 marauders.