Septan Afganos a muertos y buscan sobrevivientes tras sismo

Gyan.- Los Aldeanos SE appreciates to enter the dead these gamblers and cavalry, with its proprietors man, enter the escorts of the cassava in search of the potential sismo that remembers the camouflage of many Afghans. Mentors, the Talibán and the international community, who are on the verge of losing their strength, are happy to help the victims of the disaster.

In the province of Paktiká, where there was an epicenter of magnitude 6 of miércoles, the hombres of an aldea cavaron una fila de tumbas bajo un cielo plomizo, para tratar de dar sepultura a los fallecidos manoduldamusa. At the UN patio, the caddies are still enveloping in plastic to protect the lluvias that obstruct the esophagus to help the living.

The terrifying fugitive was killed in the land of two decadas, and the authorities advocated that the victim’s mortal remains could be killed. It is estimated that more than 500 people have been affected by the hailstorm, which is reported by Bakhtiar Agency.

“There is no one who does not come, if you ask who can come, and love is love”, said a reporter from Bakhtar in the image of the sesame tree. “Sus casas están destruidas. Por favor, ayúdenlos, so losenlos”

The devastation caused by the magnitude 6 moving mobiles more than a million times a million people living in a state of humor and deafness, and because the system of health is deteriorating, the system of health is deteriorating. trays the retreat of the tropes of the United States and the OTAN. The Ascension of the International Court of Vital Financial, and the most important part of the world has returned to its new glory.

The form in which the international community – which has retreated with great meditation its resources – may offer ayuda and if the goblins the Taliban accepts an indication of an inconvenience. In a gesto, the supreme leader of the Taliban, Haibatullah Akhundzadah, pidió ayuda al mundo el miércoles, but a function of Naciones Unidas apuntó que el gobierno no solicitad a la entidad que mo bilicúde. bétérico de equipos de naciones vecinas.

“Let us go to the Islamic Emirate or to all the nations that will come to us” “We’re not (…) we’re going to get a lona bajo la que vivir”.

El alcance de los daños en las aldeas de montaña tardaba en salir a la luz. The caricatures, which in the best of the cases are sinusosas and complications, may have been too much for the tambourine, and the deslaves causados ​​for the old lluvias are so much that some are impractical. At a distance of 175 kilometers (110 miles) from the capital, Kabul, to catch some old men of the district of Gayan, one of the most influential people, there was a slight loss of traffic.

The paredes and the tejadas of the two viviendas of distrito se vineiron abajo por el terremoto, and the residents dijeron que hay familias enterradas bajo los escombros. A report from The Associated Press about one of the 50 guerrillas alone in this zone, or that the gente gave the dead delante de sus casas y en sus patios.

Great part of the escombran eran demasiado grandes para moverlos con las manos o con palas. The residents hope that the macinaria pesada can get the remote región. For the moment, the zone is just an excavation.

Even in other parts of the world the modern edifices supporting the magnitude of magnitude 6, the viviendas of barro and ladrillo de Afghanistan and the montasñ propenses to the desperation of those who are even more confused.

The equipments of resetting lugaras to the lugares aptados in heliceptero, but the operations of ayuda podrían verse obstaclezads by the exodus of many international agencies of the country are disappointed that the Taliban were engrossed. Además, la mayoría de los gobiernos son reacios a tratar directly with the group.

Sin ban, various functions of the ONU dijeron que el Talibán les dio acceso total a la zona afectada.

Also come with comics and other articles of the first prime minister, the proceedings of Pakistan, the legacy of Paktika, express the jokes of the group’s voice, Zabihullah Mujahid, on Twitter. Además, the two aids of humanitarian aid to Iran and other countries in Qatar, aggraó.

Obviously more international aid could be more complicated: a lot of issues, including United States, humanitarian aid to Afghanistan and its operations in the ONU and other similar organizations to make a difference in the world.

In a boolatín informative el juueves, la televisora ​​estatal afghano hizo hincapié en que el presidente estadounidense, Joe Biden, – su antiguo enemigo – ofreció sus condolencias por el sismo y promitió ayuda. In a statement, the mandate ordinance on “USAID or other federal goblins that evolved the options of the United States to help the most affected”, indicated the Casa Blanca in a communicator.

The system was located in the province of Paktika, at a distance of 50 kilometers (31 miles) from the top of the city of Jost, near the Pakistan Meteorological Department. The experts say that you have a proficiency of 10 kilometers (6 miles). Los Terremotos poco profundos suelen causar mñs daños.

The number of reports reported by Bakhtar’s agency aggregation is similar to that of 2002 registered in the North. From the last two years since 1998, when there were two, including 6,1, and its replicas in the northeastern part of the country with a population of 4,500 people.

The terracotta of miércoles is registered in a zona propsa to the deslaves and with various constructions viejas and frágiles.

In the district of Speray, in the province of Jost, which also registered two graves, various homers were based on what was once a barracks. The moving telúrico había arrancado las vigas de madera. The gente was sent to the airwaves, but there was an improvised campaign with a manta que se mecía con la Brisa.

The sophistication of the rapidity of the dead of the distressed, entering those who have babies and a baby. The topics that we try to avoid can cause more problems.

“It is difficult to recover the exact information because it is a zonal zone,” said Sultan Mahmud, president of the Speray District. “The information that we have is that we are receiving from the residents in this zone.