Seven South American gems can be signed after the transfer of the wolf Enzo Fernandez

Wolverhampton Wanderers have lost two South American gems this summer and Enzo Fernandez is set to complete a move to Benfica.

Until the wolves can quickly get anything out of the bag, Fernandez will join Benfica for 18 million. Following Fernandez’s rejection, Brazilian winger Marquin Hoss decided to take on Arsenal over wolves.

Although wolves are unlikely to be stopped, they are expected to enter the South American market this summer. “I think it was shown last summer where we signed Yerson Muskera from Colombia,” explained Scott Sellers, technical director.

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“It was something we probably couldn’t do before (Bridget), so the market is open and that’s something we’re always looking at. We now do a lot more work in South America than we did.” First of all, maybe MLS and obviously because of our ownership, even with Asia, so we always look at all the markets.

Dozens of potential superstars in South America are eagerly awaiting a shot at European football. Here are some tips to help you get started …

Nicholas Marichel

Position: Center back

Ethnicity: Uruguay

Marichel is a 21-year-old defender who needs speed to allow Bruno Log to play the high line he wants. He currently represents the Uruguayan Club National, where he has already played 26 of his country’s highest flights.

Advanced national centerbacks are being linked to the relocation to Brazil, which is often the logical next step for players born in other South American countries. But there is no reason why Marichel could not make the jump to the Premier League as fast as Musikera did last summer.

Leo Ortiz

Position: Center back

Ethnicity: Brazil

At 26, Ortiz is a bit more ‘ready for the oven’ than Marichel, but he has pretty much the same features. “Ortiz is calm and excellent, and able to work on a high defensive line, which is why he has received some recent call-ups in the Brazilian squad,” he says. South American football expert Tim Wakery.

Ortiz, who plays for Red Bull Bragantino in Brazil’s Serie A, has been linked with a move to West Ham, Fiorentina and Porto this summer. According to GloboEsporte, Red Bull will consider offers of around m 10m for Bragantino Ortiz.

Carlos Alcaraz

Position: Midfielder

Ethnicity: Argentina

Moving to midfield, the area most needed by many Wolves supporters to be strong. Fernandez may have filled the ‘box to box’ space in the league’s midfield, but the search continues.

Alcaraz, 19, has made a name for himself in Argentina. He has scored four goals in 15 Prime Division games for the racing club this season and has mastered the art of reaching the box at the best time.

The wolves have been linked with Alcaraz in recent months with Atletico Madrid, Sevilla, Juventus, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, Inter Milan and AC Milan. Given the volume of interest, wolves will definitely have to work fast to get the youngster to sign.

Joao Gomez

Position: Midfielder

Ethnicity: Brazil

Gomez, a two-year senior at Alcaraz, is gaining traction for a variety of reasons. The Brazilian does not score many goals, but he has the fighting spirit that is lacking in the Wolves’ midfield this season.

The Flamingo midfielder has been linked with several top clubs, including Manchester United, due to his all-action display at home. Gomez is more established than Alcaraz and will probably come at a premium.


The Wolves are temporarily linked to Gabriel Barbosa, also known as the Flamingo goal scorer – also known as Gabigol – and the striker, now 25, trying his luck back in Europe after failing at Inter. Want to Many Premier League clubs are affiliated with Gbagole, who have scored 15 goals in 30 games for Flamingo in 2022.

Gabigol are substitutes and Guilherme Bissoli and Erison both sit at the top of the flamingo forward in Brazil’s scoring chart. Besoli, 24, has scored six goals in 12 Serie A appearances for Athletico Prentice this season and will not cost as much as Gabigol.

In addition, with six goals in 12 games, Arison is making progress in Brazil’s top flight with Botafogo after stepping out of Serie B. Erison is only 23 years old and, perhaps for the lodge, is taller than both Gabigol and Basoli.

Describing the striker as what he wants, the league said: “You could have a young boy become a striker in the box to win an air race. It’s not about bringing a man to be in front of Fabio. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either.

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