Shoes criticized for taking back some pill boxes for the elderly

High street chain Boots was criticized when some of its pharmacies told patients on multiple medications that they could no longer have blister pack boxes, known as doset boxes.

Weekly pill organizers can help users keep track of their daily medication and stay safe with pharmacists putting pills in separate boxes on trays, each indicating when they should be taken. but BBC Reports that Boots said AIDS was “not always the most appropriate option”.

The NHS says that boxes are not always available for free on the NHS and are not suitable for every type of medicine. Boxes known in the industry as Multi-Compartment Compliance Assistance (MCCA) are delivered to patients’ addresses. They have seals, which when broken indicate whether the medicine has been taken.

Tracy Hobbs’ mother, Pat Garner, stays at home with care visits. She takes more than 15 pills every day and has had MCCAs provided by her local Boots pharmacy for many years.

Tracy says she was called by Boots and told that from a month later her mother would get all the medicines in the original packaging, not arranged in morning and night doses for each day of the week. She told the BBC: “I told the blister pack was the only way we could know that he had taken his medicine at the right time. It was completely impractical and completely impractical to hand over seven different boxes with different instructions on each one. – was quite frankly dangerous”.

A Boots spokesperson said: “The latest Royal Pharmaceutical Society guidance indicates that the use of multi-compartment compliance aids is not always the most appropriate option for patients who need support to take their medications at the correct dosage and timing. .

“Pharmacists are talking with the patients we offer MCCAs to, to discuss whether this is the right way to support them based on their individual circumstances and clinical needs.

“Optional support may include large-print labels and a medication reminder chart. In many cases, the MCCA will remain the most appropriate option for the patient, and we will continue to support them as such.”

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, in guidelines drawn up before the pandemic, said there are advantages and disadvantages to the use of dosage boxes: “A multi-compartment compliance aid is a tool to help guide the use of drugs, but other interventions exist as well.” , which should also be considered as part of a person-centred and quality approach.”

The Association of Independent Multiple Pharmacies states that most of its members are continuing to supply patients with MCCAs if they are requested to, even though the procedure is costly. Superdrug and Lloyds Pharmacy say they will continue to offer MCCAs.

Prof Gil Livingston, a specialist in elderly medicine at University College London, said she was concerned to hear that some patients and their families were being told that boxes were being broken.

She said: “The blister pack enables people with mild dementia or certain memory problems to take their medicine and remain independent. They can check that they have taken it and that they know they have taken the right thing, because it is already there. Resolved. Later in the course of dementia or other disabilities, it enables paid caregivers and families to take their medication and help them stay and stay in the community as much as possible.”

Thorun Govind, president of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, said it was a complex issue – especially for care home residents.

“Patients on the blister pack should be reevaluated frequently to ensure it is an appropriate intervention for them as an individual,” she said. “Just because a patient is in a care home doesn’t mean they should automatically be provided with a blister pack and that the lack of social care should be addressed by the government, not left to the workload of pharmacy teams. must be given.”

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