Sick chatrooms where men trade candid photos of Welsh women

Welsh women have described feeling violated after their photos were shared and requested by men on Internet chat rooms. There are tons of men in threads on the web forum reddit asking and trading candid photos of women without hesitation.

Some threads are public, and often only live for a few days before they are deleted. Others are set to be private and only people approved by the moderator can view and participate in the photos.

People post pictures of women in chat rooms and ask if anyone knows who they are or has other pictures of them. Photos are offered to be traded and candid photos are posted.

Serene Jones, a 20-year-old teaching assistant from South Meczyki, found her photo being shared. She wrote: “I have never been more hated and violated than anything in my entire life.”

He said that the page where he saw his picture had 1,900 members who traded the photos and videos for their pleasure. “Some charge money, some give pictures they have in exchange for someone else. It’s totally outrageous.

“What’s worse is that the page’s owners have hundreds of folders with women’s names and their pictures. It doesn’t matter how old you are, who you are and how you look. They have everything Is. “

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WellsOnline was contacted by a 31-year-old teacher from South Meczyki who did not wish to be identified and we are calling Ellie. She discovered a photo of herself on a chat threat called ‘r/Welshgirls’ with her name and city and users asked for candid photos of her to ‘trade’ or ‘share’.

The thread listed the pictures, “Anyone knows [girls name]From [girls hometown.” Other posts included ‘Any got Ystradgynlais girls to trade or w**k over dm me’, or ‘Any Port Talbot/Neath/Swansea girls? New phone nothing to trade’ and ‘Rhondda swaps’.

Ellie said: “I’m one of the lucky ones, as they were only asking and they couldn’t come up with any information or any photos about me. But the other people, there quite a lot of them, they’ve not been quite as fortunate.”

One user had collected a database of hundreds photos that had been exchanged, all being used as currency to swap and share in order to gain new photos, all being shared without consent. Ellie said: “I felt frightened [when I saw my name]Because I don’t have a full name on Facebook, I don’t have a surname, because I’m a teacher, so this person knows me.”

She said: “I apparently reported this to reddit, it was like a break in work every time, I was pressing buttons and nothing was coming back. I was harassing, clicking pornographic pictures, I Clicked on minors too because there’s no guarantee there isn’t anyone out there.”

Screenshot of a now deleted thread
(image: reddit)
Files Where A User Has Downloaded Cardiff, Newport, And Cwmbran .  Grouped Pictures Are Saved In The Location Including
Files where a user grouped pictures into location
(image: reddit)

Serene said she was told by a friend that she was on a thread. he said. “I didn’t know such a thing existed,” she explained. “I was bed sick and then one of my boyfriend’s friends texted me and told me about it.

“I was feeling so sick. I couldn’t believe something so disgusting. Existed.” A picture was posted from one of Serene’s social media pages with her name and description. Like Ellie, Serene considered herself one of the “lucky” people that nothing else was. “I felt really sick and really violated,” she continued, “I felt like someone was watching me.”

Reddit informed Ellie that the thread did not violate its terms and conditions, prompting her to next speak to the police, who advised her not to make the thread public. She explained: “I was told by the police not to post on social media, because I said I wanted to make everyone aware, but they told me not to do it, it might make matters worse, and just me To avert.”

Serene also decided to report Page to the police but said she had not yet received a response from doing so. Serene also decided to post about the thread on Facebook, and has since set up a support group for affected women.

She said: “I’ve had a lot of messages, probably about 30 different women contacting me, saying they’ve been found on our site or that family members or their friends have been there.” Serene has since deleted her photos from her social media, explaining: “I deleted all my photos, even if it was just a picture of my face, because I don’t feel comfortable sharing anything anymore.”

Users Of The Forum Realized The Page Was Revealed When
Users of the forum realized the page was revealed when
(image: reddit)
Thread That Was Banned Because Of The Moderator'S Departure
Thread that was banned because of the moderator’s departure
(image: reddit)
One Of The New Forums Created After The Original Was Removed
One of the new forums created after the original was removed
(image: reddit)

The page’s moderators noticed that Serene’s warning was being shared, and abandoned the thread, meaning that Reddit eventually took the thread down for being unmoderated. As soon as the thread was down, however, new ones popped up all with similar content. After research, WellsOnline found that similar pages from many regions exist throughout the online platform, demeaning and abusing women without their consent.

r/WelshGirlsNSFW describes itself as “a friendly, body positive space for people from or currently living in Meczyki to share their photos. This community is strictly for adults 18+ only “. It is set as private meaning “only approved members can participate in and view its discussion”.

WellsOnline contacted Reddit for comment, but the platform has yet to respond. Jenny Gilmour, ACC of South Meczyki Police, said: “Tackling violence and abuse, including online abuse against women and girls, is a long-standing priority for South Meczyki Police and we believe that concerns about personal safety and violence are equally important. Great as it has ever been.

“As a force we have an outstanding history of working in partnership. We target resources to clear pathways to protection for victims, support and empower victims and invest in evidence-based interventions Those that deal with the root causes, address harmful behaviors and behaviors that result in violence and abuse.

“We also have comprehensive strategies for dealing with other forms of abuse, including domestic abuse affecting men, and our approach is to treat each incident of violence on its own merits, while looking at the prevalence and danger, risk and harm. Have a clear focus.

“We believe that anyone can be a victim and that all victims who report incidents to us will be responded to.

“Every victim will be treated in a sensitive and respectful manner. We will continue to develop responses to address the needs of victims, and we will place a strong focus on interventions for women who we know are more likely to be victims in terms of frequency and severity of violence and abuse.

Serene said: “It’s a good start, obviously [the thread] Removed and all, and it’s peace of mind for a lot of other women who found him. But obviously, controlling that sort of thing would be very difficult and impossible indeed. But at least now people are aware of it. So you can keep track and find out if things are unfolding and we can deal with that.”

**Name has been changed to protect the identity of the victim.

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