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There is also a comment, in this miscommunication, about the problem problem that the Yucatan has for the ad hoc promotion of what is happening in the tourism sector with regard to MICE industry and reunion tourism. One of the most important columns, the situation empowered, we have to say without passing the ad hoc promotion and directing, aumentan la pérdidas por los gastos de mantenimimento de un recinto como el Centro Internacional de Congresia de Congresia para MICE cadre de valor del Turismo.

Hay que record that esta es una de las industria que más permea en diversos sectore de la economía, ya que con an evento importante se beneficiar, aparte del recinto en donde el evento se lleva a cabo, hoteles, agencias de viajes, gustas. , a range of artisans, restaurants, audio and video providers, banquet services and an extravaganza, which conforms to the most expensive antennae.

Un poco de historia

We have a brewery recounting the latest events. In 2017, before the finalization of the administration of Governor Rolando Zapata and the establishment of the Secretariat of the Fomento Touristo (Sefotur) Saúl Ancona Salazar, the Public Fidelicomis for the Disarmament of the Uranium. One month after the opening of the CIC, convincing the Yucatán into one of the poicos destinos with two important recitations, including the Yucatán Convention Center. XXI

The first director of the Fideicomiso fue Federico Treviño Villarreal, contradicted by the actual secretariat of tourism, Michelle Fridman Hirsch, or in the administration of the governor Mauricio Vila. Treviño Villarreal tuvo, desde su llegada, la opucióón de algunos empiresaris de la entidad, quienes lograron su destitución, después de dos añs de publicion y privadas.

From the destination of Treviño, Fue Virginia Arana Pérez who wanted to encode the address of General Dale Fideture, will be sure to be the new director or director Titular. Arana Pérez fungía as the Director of Promotion and Public Relations when he was assigned the provisional provision of Manera. The most interesting, and hopeless and mediocre without director titular, presented at the Fideture of the Candidates of Raúl Paz Noriega, Eduardo Yarto Aponte and Gabriela Ibarra González. Raúl is one of the most competent and functional technocrats of Yucateco and is appreciated by the communist empire in the last few days of state administration and has an experimental experience in the crucible segment; This is actually the technical secret of Sefotur. Eduardo, for his part, gave him one month the secret of the Zacatec Turs tourism and is a professional specialized in the sector that we compete, the MICE industry. Gabriela fue subsecretaria de Promoción en la adraóción de Yarto en Zacatecas.

The result of the vote when you voted in favor of Paz against your vote in favor of Yarto. Con lu Vuto de Calidad del Gubernador, no final from Fue Yarto L. Fue Algido Como l Nivo Director del Fedicher.

How do you divide your vote from this session? This is the most interesting. You feel the goblins voted for Yarto. If you feel the privacy of the initiative you voted in favor of Paz. Enter the IP, to find the titles of Canaco, Coparmex, Aaprotuy, AMHY, Collen and Asur hotels. Hacking the United Nations about one of the titles of the representations of the IP in the Fedicomis, we see that only two or three of them have experienced the aspiration of what we call. That we may not know that the address of you in bloke is, or influenced by these two or three who know the subject, or because there is something else that we do not imagine.

Is that Yarto, to confirm or titularity, be blank to the mediation of the empires? What would it be like to be motivated?

I don’t know the name of the new titular, who sells it is Yucatán. We listen to the reputable occasions that are important poners in relevance, like the Director of Fideture, the specialists in the theme and not the politicians, as they always feel comfortable in some dependencies. Yarto, who wants the vote, complete with the requisite need: a competent profile and with the necessary relationships to consolidate the Yucatán in this rubbish.

The question that arose is, why didn’t he give it to Eduardo Yarto the name as the titular pesar that he voted for in the assembly of Fideture? And this response might be even more interesting. The raz paren pareciera ser politica. All, politica and empresarial. ¿Será que el gobierno esté temeroso de que, si asignan a Yarto, la IP le haría la vida difícil?

Á Cuáles son los intereses que se barajan para evitar que suba Yarto? ¿Is the elliptical tour of Zacatecas romper with some kind of pacto? ¿O es que le saben algo al excisecario que nosotros no sabemos? Because declaring that it is ‘extranjero’ of Yucatán as its principal defect, can make a comment of mediocrity. Usted, estimado lector, podría sacar sus conclusions.

That which is a heck, is that we do not have the titular director, the promotion of the MICE industry in Yucatán is not in its best form, haciéndonos perder dinero como destino.

Consider the finals.

  1. The title of Sefotur, Michelle Fridman, has been published in English for the first time in a few days to bring back some of the members of the society. This, without embarking, does not rest on efficiency in its promotion.
  2. El Turismo no se resume al Turismo de placer; There was also a definite policy for the MICE sector, and that is the responsibility of Sefotur. In this case, Michelle has opted for the hackers of Vista Gorda with this responsiveness.
  3. Mentras Federico Treviño fue titular del Fideture, some emperors from the passage protesting the mediatorially of Manera constant. Here are some of the ones I found to be interesting: What is the best way to change your mind?
  4. There is no Haya UN Director Titular Dale Fideture, with a series of experiments and relations, the monumental Centro Internacional de Congresos and the potential potential that Yucatán as one of the principal destinies of the nations of the country, will follow.