Signing Kahl can expel Katak

The Rangers have recently been linked with Gary Cahill’s move and if he were to reach Abrox, it could spell the end for Nicola Catec in Steven Gerrard’s side.

What is the word

According to the sunThe Rangers are interested in signing the veteran center-back after leaving Crystal Palace earlier this summer, and are willing to offer him a hefty fee for bringing him Abrox.

If the 35-year-old arrives, he will leave Gerard at the center-back with a plethora of options, suggesting that at least one member of his current squad will leave, with Catec. One of the options.

Who would have been in the Rangers instead of you?





The Croatian international missed last season’s injury due to injury and recently returned to the pre-season game against Brighton. When you look at his excellent performance, he was the first team in Gerard’s team. It’s hard to see a reclamation at a regular location. Connor Goldson and Philip Helander last season.

Rangers will admit 13 goals At the Scottish Premiership, he used the key to his excellent defensive record to end the league season unbeaten, suggesting that Gerard would not make much of a change in preparation for the season opener later this month. Will

Should Rangers change laziness for Kate?

Has been bitten Attachments Moving on loan to the Italian team Spaghetti in recent weeks and sending him out on loan could be a great way to restore his fitness and prove to Gerard that he was a key player before his injury. The 41-year-old manager’s side.

Therefore, bringing in someone from Lazarus’ experience could be a great short-term option for Gerrard and the Rangers, as they know how to compete with some of the Champions League before Gerrard’s return to the elite club.

The former Chelsea man was a regular for Crystal Palace in the Premier League last season, which suggests he has everything he needs to play permanently in the Scottish Premiership, and former manager Roy Hodgson Definition His leadership qualities,

He said that he has also brought us leadership qualities, he has been a very good leader. He is the best kind of leader. He is a silent leader. People do not look at him in the stands. They are the leaders we see in the week-long training.

It certainly looks like a player would like a manager to join his team, and so it would make a lot of sense if Ross Wilson signed him to a free transfer this summer and then maybe Katek should be sent back on loan. His fitness and confidence after his serious injury problems last season.

And, in other news; Wilson could put pressure on the Rangers’ next defo to an “interesting” surprise

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