Sigue habiendo un prejuicio hacia la ciencia

The reconciliation of astronomy, physics and the scientific merits of Julieta Fierro is a preconceived notion when it contributes to the abyss, but it is still possible. , Ya sea por motisos labrales o para estar cerca de nuestros seres queridos, o hasta tener unos tenis camodos para salir a correr.

“This administration has satirized the horror investigators, it is a lie because the pauses that are desperate are the ones that invite basic science, in the first place are the United States and China. We decided that there would be a good news of life to enter the basic science ”, he said in an interview with La Razón.

Fierro reshaltó que incluso la ciencia contribuye en necesidades basikas como la alimentación.

“The gente dice ‘because we want to inject dinosaurs into the telescopes if tango hambre, but what is not and how is it that the basic science has discovered the manera de abatir the problem of the hambre, which is not the elevator caumento The more terrible, the more sequences, the inductions, and the habeas corpus of the alimentos, but as if the science is something that does not exist, that does not serve to nada, that it has a lot of recursos, hay este este ”, that it has a lot of recursos.

The astronomical message that, although the basics can be miraculously like some other, the reality is that there are present in our cotidiana: in a refrigerator, in a lamp, in the Internet that is us in the Internet that we have. ਦੁਨੀਆ De ahí la relevancia de su divulgaci desn des las infancias, pues puede maravillarnos.

It is very important that the naciones have a basic idea and transfer it to the industry in order to create product practices, the computerized inventions because they are essential to the universes.

Julieta Ferro, Astronoma

“The adventure of the goddess is that she chiropracts from the chihuahuas, the marauding ante naturaleza, the dinosaurs are always their exitos, the vida misma, the universes también by the belleza of the agaturnos, ¡qué cosa! un atardecer ”, picked up the galardonada with the Medalla al Mérito in Ciencias 2021, Ing. Mario Molina.

Fear the fact that more people will be attracted to the best of y and, because of that, it is important to divide the manera more. For this, the integration of the Institute of Astronomy, this passage is the most common, it is a confession about the unicorns of the lions. . An interesting conversation about the sensations, among the Newton and Einstein, to convey how the functionality of nature and inclusive plantability can compare with other dimensions that are still present with the human nomenclature.

“Sensational comprender or appreciation of other dimensions, because of the simplification of the science, which is just what it used to be, the unification of the physics, we have a lot of different disciplines of the same language. que incluya a todas las fuerzas de la naturaleza.

“As with Newton, he told us that the tiers of Tierra were the same as those of Cielo. More and more a practical utility… Imagine, think that the stars are so important that the objects in the tierra, is ¡wow! “

The charm abounds from Newton’s theories have the plants that have always been an enigma, like the Theoría de Cuerdas, which does not have to be compliant.

“The theory of Cuerdas, like how to play the guitar, is always different, it contains all the elements of quarks or leptones, but exerts itself, depending on how the transformer works. Partially, if not discovered by the cucumbers, it is difficult to understand because there are more dimensions, ”said the astronomer.

To compare ester planteamientos Fierro explicó que es como si se tomara una hoja de papel y se hiciera un tubito, el cual al alejarte de él te permite ver una sola línea; That is to say, a sola dimension because it is enlarged by demons.

“The idea is that in nature there are many dimensions, more than three espaciales, ancho, alto and largo, and the time, which is another dimension, but as it is not pemdas we are not, we are not sent pero”, abundance the specialist.

  • The data: Physically published from the book of astronomy, inside the collection La Academia para jóvenes, de la Academia Mexicana de la Lengua, de cual es miembro.

Fear and love the moment when you realize that there are few and that there are more dimensions, we have in the last 10 hours, the collider of parts, the greater the constrained constraint for the greater respect of human beings,

“This is one of the biggest problems, he discovered the part of Higgs, llamada de Dios, but because of the nada, is an exaggeration of what Einstein said, that if your energy could hack the material; And if you transform it into material, like the part of Vino de la Nada, then vacio y salió, it will be discovered in 10 days, no more discovery of this import ”, refirió.

Apparently this is not a problem, we have an opportunity because this is just the beginning. “If proprietary ideas, and if they can be realized, they can be used for practical purposes, but if they fail, the science knows that you have to understand the naturalness of other manera, the science of learning from its errors”, finalized the fissure. .

Julieta Ferro
Astronomy, physics and divulgadora de la ciencia

  • Date: 24 February 1948
  • Galardones: The Klumpke-Roberts de la Sociedad Astronómica del Pacífico The medal was won by Primo Rovis of the Center for Astrophysics in Trieste. The Kalinga de la UNESCO y la Medalla al Mérito en Ciencias 2021, Ing. Mario Molina
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