“Similar results last season bothered us.”

Former Defender Rio Ferdinand. Believes Manchester United Challenging for the Premier League title this season requires stopping points against weaker teams.

The 42-year-old said on his fifth YouTube channel. Metro):

“I just feel like the game we mentioned last season is hurting us, preventing us from competing for the Premier League and it’s already crawling this season. Points before that, we lost to Aston Villa and then we lost points against Everton.

According to Rio Ferdinand, Manchester United should be able to easily beat Austin Villa’s choice. Everton At Old Trafford, he also believes the Red Devils’ contradictory form will cost him again this season.

The Pandit continued:

“Villa and Everton, there is no insult to these teams but we should win these games, no one has given them but if you want to win the league, these teams are eliminated and sent home.”

“If you’ve been there four or five games before, you’re sitting there thinking we can win the league this year. We’re looking good. Last season, different officials, the same results.”

Manchester United were considered the favorites to win the Premier League title this season. However, his recent form has changed some supporters against manager Ole Gunnar Solskjir and his selection policy.

Manchester United have a tough competition for fixtures in October and November.

Manchester United have a difficult run of fixtures after the international break. The Red Devils will face all their title rivals in just two months, which could make or break their Premier League season.

Shortly after the international break, Manchester United will travel to Old Trafford to face Leicester City before taking on Liverpool. After his game against Liverpool, Ole Gunnar Solskjir’s men will face Tottenham Hotspur at the end of October.

November will be a difficult day for Manchester United as they face Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal in the Premier League. In the midst of a busy league run, the Red Devils will also face Serie A side Atlanta and La Liga club Villarreal in the Champions League.

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