Six Worcestershire gardens that flower lovers can see in June.

It is fair to say that we are a nation of British garden lovers. One of our national hobbies is spraying around a formal garden or simply sniffing at what our neighbors have done with their green space.

This summer we will have the opportunity to fulfill our horticultural passion by popping the gardening craze in the gardens that are open to the public. All are participating in the National Garden Open Scheme.

Every year, more than 3,500 special green spaces allow people to share their lovely and caring gardens. Dozens are taking part in Worcestershire.

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In addition to showcasing their beautiful flowers, some offer cream tea and homemade cakes, sell cuttings and take the time to share tips, ideas and advice. And every penny of the small entry fee is donated to local and national charities.

There are 8 gardens that are opening their doors in Worcestershire.

White Cottage & Nursery – IncBero

Earls Common Road, Stock Green, Inkberrow, B96 6SZ

Opening on Sunday, June 19, this is a two acre garden near Red Dutch that has been developed over 40 years. It has something for everyone – from formal gardens to ‘wild’ areas.

White Cottage and Nursery Gardens in Inkbury
(Photo: National Garden Scheme)

The center is a huge weeping willow that is 60 years old. There is also a small wild flower meadow, a garden and sculptures.

It will be open on Sunday 19th June from 11am to 4.30pm and visitors can either book in advance or just turn on. Admission is £ 4.50 for adults and children receive it for free. Homemade tea is available. further details Here

Sheldon Park Road – Worcester

27 Sheldon Park Road, Worcester, WR3 7YA

It is one of several small orchards in North Worcester participating in the scheme this year. All will be open on Saturday 18th June and Sunday 19th June.

Garden In Sheldon Park Road, Worcester
Garden in Sheldon Park Road, Worcester
(Photo: National Garden Open Scheme)

27 Sheldon Park Road was completely redesigned eight years ago. It now has a selection of plants, including a wide range of hosts, ferns and other plants.

Owners want to show what can be achieved in a small, modern but practical low maintenance garden.

It will be open on both days from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Homemade tea will be served in a neighboring garden of Beckett Drive. Admission is £ 6 for adults and free for children. More details can be found about this and other orchards participating in this cluster. Here

Bevere Close – Worcester

19 Bevere Close, Worcester, WR3 7QH

The proud owners of this small but magnificent garden will let people in on Saturday 18th June and Sunday 19th June. It’s been 14 years since this last garden was built and proud owners now want to show it off.

Garden In Beaver Close, Worcester
Garden in Beaver Close, Worcester
(Photo: National Open Garden Scheme)

It was designed around a cluster of bonsai trees that needed to be shown sympathetically in a very natural environment. It is a low maintenance garden with many oriental influences and a studio designed to look like a tea house. There are also two small ponds with fish and wildlife.

Refreshments will be served in a neighboring garden and opening hours are from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission fee is £ 6 for adults and children get it for free. Full details Here

Old house – noisy

Old House, Nonton Beach, WrestleMania WR10 2LQ

Opening this summer on three dates: Sunday, June 19, Sunday, July 10, and Sunday, September 25. It is a charming one acre informal garden.

Garden At Old House, Nonton Beach
Garden at Old House, Nonton Beach
(Photo: National Open Garden Scheme)

Visitors will be treated to water features, bridges, garden sculptures, gardens, vegetable gardens and lawns. These delightful features are set around a 300-year-old wooden-framed house (not open), with beautiful views of ancient plows and leather fields and old gardens.

Homemade tea refreshments will be sold with the help of St. Bartholomew’s Church. Admission is £ 5 for adults and no charge for children. The gardens will be open from 1.30pm to 5pm. Full details Here

The New Smithy – Alvi Church

Withybed Green, Alvechurch, B48 7PN.

This is one of the many gardens in the With Bed Green Area participating in this scheme. They will all be open on Sunday, June 26.

Garden In The New Smithy, Alvi Church
Garden in The New Smithy, Alvi Church
(Photo: National Open Garden Scheme)

New Smithy is a large country garden, happily divided by a line of arches covered with roses, surrounded by evergreen shrubs. The main garden has two small ponds, a piece of vegetables, a small garden and a stream. The small side garden has many adult acorns.

Light refreshments will be offered, the proceeds of which will go to charity. Admission fee is £ 6 for adults and free for children. Opening hours are 1pm to 6pm. Full details Here

Hiraeth – Droitwich

30 Schweil Road, Drightwich, WR9 8UY

The gardens are open on three dates: Sunday, June 26, Sunday, July 31, and Sunday, August 21. Visitors will find a spike around one-third of an acre of orchards. They will see many plants, trees and hosts.

Gardens Of Herath, Druitwich
Gardens of Herath, Druitwich
(Photo: National Gardens Open Scheme)

Highlights include a 300-year-old olive tree, oak sculptures, metal animals, stone sculptures, and verse tablets. A new courtyard has been laid out and the owners proudly say: “The garden is an oasis of colors, and a few years ago it was described as ‘a refuge on the way to paradise’, and it should not be missed.” ! ”

Tickets can be booked in advance or you can go on the day. Admission is 50 3.50 and free for children. Opening hours are from 2pm to 5pm and full details can be obtained. Here

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