Sligo Rovers’ allotment for away leg against Bala Town sold out; Fans disappointed by technical issues

The allotment of 300 Sligo Rovers tickets for the away leg against Bala Town at Park Hall was sold out within minutes on Thursday evening.

Overs were given an initial allocation of 300, which is around 30% of the ground’s seating capacity – a generous move from Bala Town who are obliged to give only 5% as per UEFA rules.

The ticket sales process was anything but smooth, with Bala Town being forced to issue a statement after fans were disappointed as they were unable to log on and purchase tickets at 6.30 pm, at which time Bala Town said that They will go on sale.

Those who expressed interest in purchasing tickets last week had to receive a unique code, and after three attempts they finally received the code.

But some Sligo Rovers fans posted on social media about losing out on tickets, because by the time they received their unique code, 300 tickets had been sold.

Bala Town’s Twitter account was flooded with messages from disappointed Rovers fans, especially as it took so long for the issues to be resolved before tickets went on sale.

Sligo Rovers said: “We have been informed that our allotment of 300 tickets has been sold out. Please be patient as we work and will consult with Bala in the coming days to see if they can increase this allocation. Away Leg The tickets are out. Control of Sligo Rovers FC.”

A statement issued by Bala Town after the fiasco read:

First and foremost, we apologize to all supporters who had problems purchasing tickets for our UECL 1QR First Leg Tie. We understand your frustrations, however we would like to make everyone aware, this ticketing system is not managed by Bala Town, so we have no right over the management of the system.We urge any supporter who has experienced problems with tickets that have already been purchased, to contact ‘TicketPass’ through their customer support at also apologize to those who had issues accessing the email that contained the unique code, this is an error on our part as we were unaware of the time delay that would be applied when sending the email.Currently, all AWAY tickets are sold out after this evening’s sale.Due to several away supporters managing to obtain unique codes for domestic tickets, we have been forced to halt all sales for the rest of the evening. If away supporters are found to have purchased a home ticket, their ticket will be invalid and you will not be allowed into the stadium.The club will release updates on our social media platforms as to when more tickets will be made available.

The Welsh Premier side issued another statement on Friday morning apologizing for the problems faced by those trying to buy tickets for the game on 7 Oswestry is on the grounds of TNS.

Following the club’s decision to only allocate “online” tickets for our European Conference League fixture versus Sligo Rovers, we must apologize for the difficulties we encountered in trying to implement this ticketing process.We have followed the advice of our ticketing software suppliers and attempted to issue code restrictions to ensure that a fair allocation of tickets is available to supporters both at home and abroad.During this process, which is certainly unfamiliar territory to Bala Town, we have experienced unforeseen difficulties and irregularities in the purchasing protocol.Controlling all our hardworking (unpaid) officers is a very demanding and difficult task, but still we are reviewing all the aspects of all the problems that we have faced and as soon as we feel that we will achieve our goal. If able to do, we will update.