“So Close” – Joe Rogan shares his thoughts on TJ Dilshaw’s victory over Corey Sandhagan at UC Vegas 32

Joe Rogan Have given their views on Fought closely Between TJ Dilshaw and Corey Sandhagan at UFC Vegas 32.

Rogan went to his official Instagram account to share his thoughts on the main event. Veteran MMA personality and longtime UFC commentator praised both Bentmoites for their amazing fight.

Check out Rogan’s post below:

“What a fight. Congratulations to tjdillashaw, and @ enterthesandman135 for an amazing performance. Very close. Both of them are championship caliber, and holy sh ** what a division this stands for !!

Like the majority of MMA fans and experts, Rogan pointed out that the UFC Vegas 32 match between TJ Dilsha and Corey Sandhajan was incredibly close.

Rogan noted that both fighters deserved to fight for UFC gold, adding that the 135-pound division was as strong as ever.

TJ Dilshaw approached the title fight

Peter Yan (left);  UFC Bantweight Champion Aljamin Sterling (right)
Peter Yan (left); UFC Bantweight Champion Aljamin Sterling (right)

TJ Dilshaw was banned for two years after testing positive for an EPO back in 2019. Heading into UFC Vegas 32, some sections of the MMA community weren’t convinced that Dalashu was still a high-level UFC bantamweight, allowing him to see his time. Professional MMA stayed out of the competition.

Regardless, the former champion was training hard for most of his absence from Octagon and was determined to emerge victorious on his return last weekend. True to his word, TJ Dilshaw performed well against rising bantamweight star Corey Sandhagun.

Dilashau and Sandhagin, who used to train together in the past, continued to demonstrate different skills during their fights and fought for a full five rounds. The headlining contest ended with Dilshaw winning by a split decision.

The MMA world is divided over who should be awarded the decisive victory. Some claim that TJ Dilshaw deserves the victory, while others argue that Sandhagan should have raised his hand.

Now the consensus is that Dilasha will probably face the winner Bennettweight title rematch between reigning champions Aljamin Sterling and Peter Yan, Expected at UFC 267 in Abu Dhabi.

Meanwhile, Sandhagin can fight himself against a fellow high-ranking bantamweight like the next Rob Font, as ‘The Sandman’ returns to the victory column.


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