¿Sofía Reyes really called “nacos” a los de Grupo Firme? This is what I mean

In social networks, a controversy has arisen between Sofia Reyes y Grupo Firme, through his participation in them Latin Grammy 2021.

Every single post on the Internet broadcasts a video on which it can be seen Grupo Firme claiming its premium Latin Grammy 2021 in the halls of the place where the award was made.

At the moment we are meeting with Sofia Reyes and in the grab can be heard that the song is algae, but everything is very fast and we do not distinguish between his words.

The person who grabbed the clip posted on his Instagram story: “as when you are with all your good vibes and pass the final Sofia Reyes and you say it is nacos”.

From that moment on, a controversy arose over whether the actress and singer actually had a lame “nacos” to the integrants of Grupo Firme.

Sofía Reyes does not know how to call “nacos” the Grupo Firme

While covering the controversy, Sofia Reyes decided to post a video on Instagram and another text on her Twitter account, in which case, she made sure she was referring to the people and day she felt molested by the situation.

“I am very fond of evil, slandered and very molested. Jamás me expresaría asi de nadie. On the contrary, they are celebrating. “I know who I am,” he said, “I’ll say something like that,” the artist said 26 years ago.

Without embarrassment, none of the Group’s integrators has expressed respect for the controversial controversy in social media.



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