South Korea sets a record with 4,000 new cases of Covid

Seoul, South Korea – South Korea exceeded 4,000 new daily coronavirus infections for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, as delinquent infections continue to plague the country after it eased social distance measures in recent weeks to improve your economy.

The South Korean Disease Control and Prevention Authority said most of the 4,116 cases reported on Wednesday came from the capital Seoul and the metropolitan area, where the increase in hospital stays has raised fears of a possible inaccessibility in intensive care units.

+ lose life in the last 24 hours. The 586 patients who are in serious or critical condition also represent a new all-time high.

South Korea is the latest in a long list of countries where the number of infections and hospital stays has increased after relaxing social distance measures due to a high vaccination rate. Infections are also on the rise in the US ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend, while Austria went into a rigorous lockdown on Monday as Europe registers a new wave of coronavirus.

The South Korean authorities eased social distance measures from this month and fully opened schools on Monday, in what they describe as the first steps towards resuming some normality. By allowing higher concentrations and longer restaurant service indoors, the authorities were hopeful that high vaccination rates would keep the number of hospitalizations and deaths low even if the virus continued to spread.


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