South Korea would ban the consumption of dog meat

SEOUL – South Korea announced on Thursday that it will convene a working group to consider banning the consumption of dog meat, after the president of the nation offered to study the possibility of ending the centuries-old practice.

Fewer and fewer restaurants serve dog meat in South Korea because young people see dog meat as a less tasty food option and the popularity of pets is increasing. Recent surveys show that more people are opposed to banning the consumption of dog meat, even though they would not eat it.

In a statement, seven government offices, including the Ministry of Agriculture, stated that they have decided to set up a group of officials, civilian experts and people from related organizations to formulate recommendations on a possible ban on the consumption of dog meat. The statement adds that authorities will collect information about kennels, restaurants and other facilities while the public takes public opinion into account.

As the number of families with pets has increased rapidly and the public’s interest in animal rights and welfare has grown in our country, Voices have risen that it is now difficult to see the consumption of dog meat as a pure traditional food culture, said Prime Minister Kim Boo-kyum, the second highest-ranking official in the country, before the statement was released.

The government noted that the initiative, the first of its kind, does not necessarily guarantee a ban on dog meat. The joint statement was noted that “public awareness of the fundamental right (to eat preferred food) and animal rights issues is complicated and complicated” when it comes to consuming dog meat.


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