Speed ​​infusion of giants can be a quiet Barclay game changer.

If he could hear the words piercing the noise in the Super Dome, the resident Barclay would probably break his focus to smile.

After John Ross grabbed a 52-yard touchdown pass last week, the wide receiver saw the Saints’ defensive chambers “come back” each time they checked into Huddle. It was a testament to Ross’s reputation as the fastest man in the NFL, and a safety reminder that moving to fraud to help close Barclays’ fast-paced streets could have devastating consequences.

Similarly, the giants’ offense ranges from a two-year low-scoring toxic to choosing your poison. This should be the most beneficial for Barclays., Starting against the Cowboys on Sunday and as long as Russia and the fraudster Kadarius Tony are heavily involved.

“If you have the speed that can take you to the top, they have to decide how they want to cover you,” the head coach told the judge. “Does it help you lighten the box? It could be. Some teams will go around and tell their corners, ‘Have a nice day and we’re going to load the box anyway,’ so We’ll see how they approach it.

The Giants stumbled upon a key defense solution to Barclays as start receivers Sterling Shepard and Darius Slaton He was out last week with a hamstring injury.. Giants without Slaton and Shepard are losing steadily this week, they are growing fast.

New York giants are running after Secon Barclay (26) Kerry.
Sacon Barclays has another breathing room, which has led to a series of threats from Cadris Tony and John Ross.
AP Photo

“Cadarius and John have proven that they can be effective and make great plays,” said offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. “It definitely gets the attention of the defense. It opens up opportunities for other people.

Tony turned the third and 17 the first down. Just fooling the tailors.

“If he goes left, I have to go right,” Tony said. “It’s just like playing the fridge tag.”

Barclays took an average of five yards per carry as a hooligan when Odell Beckham Jr.’s deep ball threat frightened the defensive players. As Beckham’s trade took place before the 2019 season and opponents began to feel more comfortable getting extra defenders into the box, Barclays averaged 4.2 yards per carry, including 3.1 in his last six games. There are 3.6 in four games this season. .

New York Giants' Kadarius Tony runs the ball.
Cadarius Tony has added a new dimension to the offspring of giants.
Getty Images

Using quarterback Daniel Jones on the run-pass option was a chess move that could be used to counter stacked boxes. Signing Kenny Golade to win the jump balls as the No. 1 receiver was another. The speed of the frame is higher at the point.

“You can see how the defensive game will attack the run, especially in the RPO, but that’s what football is for,” Barclay said. “You have to be a team that can do it all.”

According to Pro Football Focus, Barclays lifted a season-high eight times for 30 yards against a box full of eight or more defenders last week. The Saints paid the price by allowing 20 yards or more (four in the fourth quarter) and 402 passing yards.

“I think [speed] It’s something that’s hard to coach, “Russia said.” Once you get used to it, it’s something you really have to pay attention to. I think there are a lot of things that Cadarius and I can do.

If future opponents compensate more by retreating to save a deeper ball, Barclays must eventually be able to run or shake a linebacker in space without dealing with the gang.

“We are showing that we can make games and plays as a whole. That will help in the run game, “said Barclays.” We just have to stick to it and keep working on it and it gets better every week.

Shepherd – who had a 37-yard catch and run touchdown in Week 1 – and Clayton – who had a 33-yard go-root touchdown in Week 2. Jones is a favorite playmaker of all time.. When they are healthy, they will both start playing big roles again.

New York Giants wide receiver John Ross (12) makes a run during practice.
The giants can’t afford to lose John Ross off the bench.
Corey Spaken

But the coaching staff must find a way to keep Ross and Tony from disappearing on the bench, as disposable No. 4 and No. 5 receivers have been for many years, as the Shepard, Slaton and Goldie routes are less than three yards apart. Yes, the next gene states.

“It makes a big difference when you have guys who can be that fast, run and miss the guys,” said Recipient Coach Tyke Tulbert. “It was definitely an aggressive spark.”


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