Sporting KC’s Philip Hernandez has been suspended for betting on MLS.

Sporting Kansas City midfielder Philip Hernandez was suspended without the rest of his salary until Friday 2021 when Major League Soccer found out he had bet on league matches.

The MLS said in a release, “Hernandez is involved in a wide range of illegal and illegal sports gambling while a member of Sporting Kansas City has been involved in a series of raids on two MLS matches in direct violation of league rules. ۔ “

The MLS said Hernandez revealed his problem to Sporting Kansas City in July because he “became concerned about his personal safety because of his gambling debts.” From there, the club and league brought the matter to law enforcement.

According to the MLS, an independent investigation concluded that Hernandez never bet on his team’s matches, and “found no evidence that Hernandez had any secrets about these two MLS matches.” Or non-public information. ” The league added that it did not find any evidence that another player was involved and no match was thrown.

Hernandez is eligible to apply for reinstatement in the league on January 1, 2022.

“This summer, I took a break from football – a sport that matters to me – and started treating gambling addiction,” Hernandez said in a statement. “Over the last several months, I’ve been able to re-evaluate, take responsibility for my actions and take proper care of something that has impressed me.

“I look forward to doing my best to get back on the field and I will work harder than ever to help Sporting KC achieve its goals. I will not comment further as I focus on my commitment to take all necessary steps for a healthy return.

Hernandez, 23, from Colombia, has appeared in six games (four starts) this season and has recorded the first MLS goal of his career with two assists. He has played 24 games for Sporting KC since 2017, with 13 starting.

Sporting’s C is currently battling for the first position with the Seattle Sounders at the Western Conference as the regular season leads to its home tour.


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