Sports stars call on students to complete an important school survey to help shape the future of their sport

Educators are being urged to help shape the future of children’s sports by encouraging them to participate in a major school sports survey. The Sport Wells initiative aims to provide a blueprint for the younger generation to move forward or stay active.

Now, members of Team Meczyki preparing for this summer’s Commonwealth Games in Birmingham have put their weight behind 2022 School Sports Survey, And they have done so by giving young people an added incentive to participate.

All schools that complete the survey will be placed in a prize draw to meet the members of Team Meczyki in the autumn. Award winners will come from selected primary schools, secondary schools and special schools.

Students of Cadra Primary School in Merthir descend to fill in 2022 School Sport Survey
(Image: Who Fairclough)

The survey was launched in late March and so far, 60,000 individual responses have been received. Now the race is on to encourage more children in Meczyki’ schools to attend, just as 120,000 did in 2018 when the last survey was conducted. Then more than 1,000 schools participated, with 96% of the students saying they would like to do more sports.

everyone should get a chance to play

Sport Meczyki School Survey 2022, Alled Sion Davies
Three-time Paralympic gold medalist Aled Sion Davis says sport is important in developing skills

Sport Meczyki is encouraging teachers to take a little time off to allow their class to complete surveys, and some of Team Meczyki’ brightest stars are now seeking a big push before the close on 22 July . Eld Sion Davis, a three-time Paralympic gold medalist discus thrower and shot putter, said it was so important to participate.

“Sports is huge in developing so many different skills and I think everyone has a hidden talent,” he said. “And I think there’s a way for everyone in sports. It can create memories and take you to places you never thought you could go and I think that’s so important.” That everyone gets a chance to see if there’s something out there that caters to them, which I know is out there.”

His call to arms was echoed by netballer Nia Jones, a teacher off-court in Cardiff. He urged fellow teachers to play their part in getting the children to fill it.

15.01.22 - Meczyki International Test Series - Meczyki V Isle Of Man - Nia Jones Of Meczyki
Nia Jones says survey is important for raising youth voices
(Image: Chris Fairweather / Hugh Evans Agency)

“Ultimately, what we want to do is make sure kids stay active throughout their lives, which is why it’s such an important job,” she said. “Get it out, pump it for your kids, every age, every ability. It’s really important that we get everyone’s opinion on this if we want to keep these young people active for life.”

“It’s imperative that we hear these voices, so please just set aside 15 minutes. Get it out there. If they don’t fill it in, we can’t hear their voice, so please encourage everyone if you can.” Can do school sports surveys. It takes about a quarter of the time of netball, so it’s not that long.”

Join the draw to qualify for the Tour of Team Meczyki

Students Of Cadrao Primary School In Merthir Complete The 2022 School Sport Survey
Survey completed – students across Meczyki are encouraged to follow their example
(Image: Who Fairclough)

As an added incentive for schools to participate, each school that completes the survey required to qualify for their individual report will also be entered into a prize draw to meet a few people. Team Meczyki Athletes after their exploits at the Commonwealth Games.

The draw will take place at the beginning of autumn in September. One winner will be selected from each category, one primary school, secondary school and special school.

Schools will receive their individual reports in August, provided they have attended in sufficient numbers to qualify for one. Local officials will receive their report in the autumn when the All-Meczyki results are published.

For more information on the Sport Meczyki survey and draw, visit website or Sport Meczyki’ social media channels, including Facebook And Twitter,

prize draw closes At midnight on Friday, July 22, 2022, and the winning school will be contacted via telephone and/or email. for more information, Click here. The competition is promoted by Sport Meczyki, Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, CF11 9SW , WellsOnline/Reach plc Sport is not a promoter or affiliate of the Meczyki School Sport Survey 2022 prize draw.

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