Spotify forks $295M for Findaway, Podsights, Chartable, and Sonantic, filing reveals – Meczyki.Net

Spotify has quietly announced how much it is paying for its four recent acquisitions, revealing that it is paying a combined €291 million ($295 million) for Findaway, Podsights, Chartable, and Sonantic. Is.

in one Updates In an SEC document filed yesterday after its official earnings report, the audio-streaming giant confirmed it would pay €117 million in cash for Findway, a digital audiobook distributor that first announced plans to acquire back in November. Was. Separately, Spotify also revealed that it is paying €83 million in cash for Podsights and Chartable, two companies it confirmed in February that it was buying to support its podcast measurement and analytics capabilities.

However, Spotify also pointed out that there could be an additional €21 million in cash payments in the future, depending on the continued employment of “certain employees”.

Elsewhere, Spotify confirmed last month that it was buying Sonantic, and the AI ​​voice platform that was recently used to emulate Val Kilmer’s voice in the Top Gun sequel. The deal would set Spotify back €91 million in cash.

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It’s worth noting that Spotify has made a number of additional acquisitions in recent days, including Worldwide-inspired music guessing game Hurdle, though a figure hasn’t been revealed for now — possibly because the deal was only revealed. Later The most recent accounting period, which lasted until the end of June. Spotify also acquired podcast tech company Whoshka in December, but there’s no word on how much that deal will amount to.

If nothing else, these various purchases show that Spotify is showing little sign of slowing down in its push to be an all-singing, dancing audio juggernaut, having already acquired the content and technology to make it happen. has spent hundreds of millions of dollars. The platform for music, podcasts, and — as evidenced by its recent FindAway deal — audiobooks.