Sriyant Kadambi writes about India at the Olympics and predicts a badminton event in Tokyo

At least the Olympics are a very special event. I would even say that in my opinion this is the biggest tournament in the whole world of sports.

It happens once every four years, only to increase its brightness. And from an Indian point of view, the fact that we win so few medals makes the event even more important to us.

Every athlete who participates in sports has a real desire to succeed, to bring success and dignity to the country. The hope of bringing home medals works as a real stimulus, and it has a dizzying effect.

Whenever an athlete succeeds, it is not only Indian medals that succeed. The mood of the country is also better collectively.

The Olympic Athlete has the greatest opportunity to contribute in the nation. And that’s why it’s a lucky event for someone to qualify.

The importance of the Olympics is very strong for badminton players. Of course, there are other major tournaments in the sport, such as the Super Series (10 of which are held each year) and the World Championships (held each year). But unlike these annual competitions, you only get to shine at the Olympics once every four years.

For badminton stars, the Olympics are the Holy Grail.

Needless to say, the competition in the sports badminton event is also very tough. Winning an Olympic medal is important not only because of this stage, but also because of how difficult it is to be scared.

Olympics and COVID-19 condoms

COVID-19 Epidemics have affected badminton players for a long time. I myself felt a blow on the personal front due to the global crisis. I almost canceled the Olympic 4-5 tournaments I needed to take part in (to earn the required points to qualify for the Olympics), and I was upset.

There are many others who were affected in the same way. Saina Nahwal There is a good example of this, and there is another player from Hong Kong who had a similar problem.

I think the Badminton World Federation should have been more proactive and taken some precautionary measures during this unforeseen crisis. It wasn’t just one or two players who were affected by the cancellation of the tournament. There were about three or four from each country.

India’s badminton hopes in Tokyo

PV Sindhu won a silver medal at the Rio 2016 Games, and has a great chance to go one step further this time and win gold this time.

In fact, all the qualified players have performed well and won the tournament, so the squad is quite strong. “The competition will be fierce,” he said.

The most important thing is to do well on a given day, and there are some who have already started stepping on the plate. Stovexraj Rankireddy And Chirag Shetty, Who defeated the world No. 3 pair of Young Li and Chi Lin Wan on Lee Day, have a great chance to reach the quarterfinals.

The hope is that other people will follow his example and he has done well.

Who will make it to the men’s singles semis?

If I consider the three or four tournaments that will take place this year and the ways in which the players have performed there, I think Victor Excelson, Anders Antonson, Canto Momota, Li Zhi Jia, Cho Tian Chen And maybe Anthony Senisoka Genting This is a great opportunity to make it to the semi-finals.

Message to Indian athletes participating in Tokyo

Every athlete has worked really hard to get to the Olympics. All I want to say to them is that they should try to do their best, and the rest will take care of it themselves.

I wish all the Indian athletes the best of luck. And I hope we win a lot of medals this year.


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