St. John is from Mike Anderson’s daughter Yvonne

Mike Anderson’s alarm clock set. Monday’s start was earlier than most.

Before sunrise, he and his wife, Markita, plan to appear on their television sets in the next few hours.

Her 31-year-old daughter, Von, is playing for the Serbian women’s national basketball team in Tokyo, and is competing in the Olympics for the country from which she recently obtained dual citizenship.

“Wherever she goes, I go. St. John’s coach told the Post in a phone interview on Sunday.” It’s amazing for me, my wife and me, to see her at this stage. What did We are talking about the whole world. These are all countries that are being represented and you have a daughter who is involved, who tells me she is special.

The youngest of Anderson’s three children, Vaughn went on to have a professional basketball career. Like his father, a point guard, he played four seasons in Texas, averaging 8.1 points and 2.8 assists per game, and has been a professional overseas since 2013 in Sweden, Luxembourg, Turkey, Greece and Italy. Is playing

"Giving birth to a daughter who has the opportunity to participate in it is mind-boggling," Anderson said.
St. John’s coach Mike Anderson (c.), His daughter Uno (L) and his wife Marcheita.
Thanks to the Anderson family

Serbia’s coach, Marina Maljukoch, was her coach in the Turkish Women’s Basketball League in 2016-17 and invited 5ft9 Yuvan to play for Serbia. He started playing for the country in the Olympic qualifying tournament last November.

In the final of the Euro Basketball Championship last month, he scored the team’s top 18 points in the victory over France. After playing for Rare Venezia in the top division in Italy, he averaged 14 points in the tournament. Serbia, the bronze medalist at the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics, which faced Canada on Monday, is in Group A with Spain, South Korea and Canada.

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“I’m very proud and excited about it. You’re talking about an amazing event where the whole world has a chance to attend,” said Anderson. Given a chance to participate, it’s amazing. I didn’t get up until he sent me a picture of her at the opening ceremony. The kids always dream of playing and working in the NBA. [and the WNBA], Is playing college basketball, but you will never have a chance to play in the Olympics. This is very unique.

Yvonne Anderson
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Basketball has been a part of Owen’s whole life. He was born a few weeks ago with the help of his father to help Arkansas reach the last four as an assistant coach. She always played baseball and basketball against the boys, and had the same strict, non-confrontational style on the court that made her father a strong college player and later a top coach. She will tell her father that she is a better shooter than her, which she admits is probably true, and will occasionally wear her coaching hat to try to help her during the season.

“Every year he continues to raise his game. He’s a serious ball player, “said Anderson. “It simply came to our notice then. It has worked on its own. No one gave him anything. He has worked in it.


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