Starmer: Labor ‘will hand over power to working people’ when they come to power

Sir Keir Starmer said that the Labor Party must change from a “protest party” to a party that can win elections to help the working people.

The Labor leader said he supported the people’s right to strike, pointing to his pro bono work as a lawyer representing striking miners.

“Not only sentiments and photos of oppp. I backed up my words with actions,” he wrote in the Sunday Mirror.

Everywhere you look in Britain, you will see the losses from 12 years of Conservative rule.Sir Keir Starmer

It comes as Sir Keir tries to contain a scandal with the unions and the left wing of his party over his decision to fire Sam Terry from the front bench after he was interviewed live from the picket line.

Sir Keir, who previously barred frontline workers from joining strikers on picket lines, said he fired Mr Tarry as Shadow Transportation Minister after he got involved in media programs without permission and made policies “on the hoof”, contrary to “the collective principle of » parties. duty”.

But the move was met with fury by the Labor left and the unions, with Sharon Graham, General Secretary of Unite, saying she was “overwhelmed” by Sir Keir’s approach to the striking workers.

In his article, Sir Keir emphasized that his immediate goal was to bring his party to power and the Labor government to be able to bring about changes in the unions and workers.

He wrote: “I fully understand why people are on strike to get better pay and better conditions. I support their right to do so.

“When I was a lawyer, I represented striking miners for free. Not only moods and opp photos. I backed up my words with deeds.

“Now I am leading the Labor Party, which wants to change lives and give Britain the fresh start it needs.

“It means turning from a protest party into a party that can win power and then transfer that power to the working people. I don’t apologize for that.”


Former Shadow Transport Minister Sam Tarry joins a picket line outside Paddington Station in London (Maina Nanu/PA)

The Labor leader also criticized the reputation of the Conservatives in government.

“Wherever you look in Britain, you will see the losses from 12 years of Conservative rule,” he said.

“People work harder but get less in return.”

He attacked candidates running for Boris Johnson as prime minister, saying: “Those in charge should hang their heads in shame.

“And among the puppets of Boris Johnson are Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. Just a succession of candidates. I can’t suggest the necessary changes.”

Sir Keir said Labor was on the side of people “pissed and scared” at the prospect of skyrocketing energy bills.

If I were talking to Keir now, I would say to him: which side are you on?Unite General Secretary Sharon Graham

“Only in power can Labor achieve the change that unions and workers want to see,” he wrote.

“This is not only our agenda or the agenda of the unions. This is the agenda for the whole country.”

Ms Graham told the Mirror on Saturday: ‘If I were talking to Keir right now, I would tell him: which side are you on? Because the reality is that if I closed my eyes, sometimes I wouldn’t know if it was the Labor Party or the Tories who were talking.

“This is one of the most serious crises that the workers are facing – we are trying to protect them with every fiber of our being, and the party that should echo this in parliament is doing just the opposite.

“I’m very disappointed – frankly stunned – and I think Labor will have to seriously think about it.”

Mr Terry said he “absolutely” still considers Sir Keir the best candidate for prime minister.

Joining another line of pickets at London’s Paddington station on Saturday, he called for a “fundamental recalibration” of the Labor Party’s relationship with the trade union movement and said it was necessary to show he was on their side.