start with the verbo – Meczyki

To our sisters Jesus, solidarios with la sierra Tarahumara

The majority of the Toluca jolgorio, the mayor of the political actors formales, have given an extra reason to regulate the negativity in their detection of the accusatory or even the most profitable proposition. Who, then, focuses on the degradation of politics and the politicos and the politico system from which the federal pagaduría and the camera of compensations are practically all compared and sold.

In this principle always has the status quo and this is its uso and abuso to give it a referral to try to implicitly express this third case due to the precedent of a political regiment that costs a lot less and the trajectory of conscience is expected First of all, the politicians of democracy have a lot to do with desirable and partially reluctant to change their basic mission to be politically motivated and politically motivated. Everybody wanted to deal with the free mercury that in politics was being treated like competing selective sins. Sería la competencia, enunciaron personeros y acompañntes de los varios partidos, la que nos haría diestros y duchos.

Hoy, we have to redefine the adventure that comes from the past, as it were in the Yucatan, and that there will be a renewal of us and our customers in the political arena . Messages from aliens and convocations to the rest of the city.

Before you enter into the distortions of character regimes, with much, the interaction between the goblins, can be clear, there is no doubt about it. . That, for the sake of enrichment and the differences oblige us to maintain not only the functioning of the institutions but also the feeling. To share the premise that subdos all in the barco, the newcomers tend to endure the rumbo and nadie parecía displays a dejarse seducir by the virtues cantadas by alguna sirena. But 2. hasta ahora no parece ser ése el sentido de la politica actual.

Grave is that a chise (malo) of the President has always shown a corresponding course in politics. Because all of us are aware of the obligation to decline the trilogy called “corcholatzo” to be able to enter into such a three-dimensional cycle in which we convert to our public interaction.

Achieving the recent creation of not only the discourse and its terminology and concepts of the voluntary cotidiana empeñada in forcing entrepreneurial menors and mayors into the parts and their representatives. We want a “technical” consistency in the democratic discourse that, for the most part, we are ready to convert the new franchise language into politics. Find a way to reconcile that is not the case with everyone; Ni en la arena publica ni en las medius de information communication, en en la academy ni en las circuitos delibrativos que se supone son propios de toda politica en activo.

If in any case our public life is brilliance this inopia discursive is in the economy and the finances public and private, as in its prime and decisive derivations in the occupation and the empire, there is dread. There are so many tragedies and great calamities, and there are many stories or intros.

We don’t have much information, but we have a lot of reflexes and compliments for our problems and habitation that dedicates time and knowledge.