Steve Cohen was right to tear up the embarrassing mats.

Above, a few pointed questions for your prototypical troubled Mets fan:

What did Steve Cohen have to do? Just sit down and let him go.

Did you really want your new boss to play dead like his players?

Or did you just want to see him show that he cares and hurts like you do?

As a baseball fan and sports columnist, I grew up on Stan Berner Way (this would be George, not Hall). I thought the perfect boss would have the highest salary, the willingness to handle luxury tax penalties, and the ability to hold players and coaches accountable publicly for making irrational decisions.

In other words, be like the boss without all the crazy and unnecessary things the boss used to do.

On Wednesday morning, Cohen decided it was time to give his team a series of embarrassing performances. “It’s hard to understand how professionals can be so unproductive.” He tweeted. “The best teams have more discipline. Slugging and OPS numbers don’t lie.

If you’re scoring at home, the owner questions his team’s professionalism and commitment, and both of these things hurt.

Matt needed to feel the pain, some people needed to bleed at the base of his angry, beaten fan. Entering the finals of their series in San Francisco, they have lost five of the 16 games played this month and 12 in a row, falling below four-and-a-half in four games in the division.

Their latest defeat came Tuesday night. 3-2 loss The best summary of Michael Conforto’s lack of zeal in the fourth inning, when he should have gone to third base on Avon Longoria’s off-balance throw – and then Longoria’s mistake on the home plate – to account for the run that will be wiped Jeff Out of McNeil’s double play ball, just when the Mets desperately needed to show aggression, his most disappointing name became inactive instead of a player.

Steve Cohen George Stein Berner.
Steve Cohen George Stein Berner.
AP (2)

Cohen had something to say, at some point. You can discuss his expression with the car, and how his tweets are running in the offices around the game. You could also argue that the bullet in Cohen’s rib cage جی shortly after the Zack attack on GM Zack Scott’s players-forces Rojas and his players to answer uncomfortable questions.

At number 1, in the age of social media, it’s hard for anyone to use social media to make a statement. At Count 2, yes, Cohen has created an unstable work environment that puts extra pressure on his team. Good. Ron Darling recently told a story on SNY when he was being beaten like a pitcher in Auckland, urging him to reassure his manager Tony LaRuss that he was not going to panic.

“Okay, maybe you should,” La Ross fired back. Darling later told me at Cityfield that LaRussa responded well.

Sometimes struggling players need to tell the truth. Cohen’s tweet contained many things, but they were not false.

Asked before Wednesday’s game if he thought the owner’s criticism could have a positive effect on his team. Rosas said.“Yeah, yeah it does, because a lot of people here know Steve, and I’ve got to know Steve too. We understand the message.

Steve Cohen
Steve Cohen
Corey Spaken

“So (crime) is being called out in public. Steve is a guy who would talk like that in public, and talk to every guy here, so we understand where he’s from. … So it can definitely have a positive effect on the team for a sense of awareness.

Of course, awareness and accountability are two-way streets. Celebrated as a savior after the long delays of Fred and Jeff Wilpin, Cohen’s organization is often seen as Wilpin-ore. Hiring Jared Porter, Who was later found to be a sexual harasser.It was a disaster. Recruitment of Trevor Bauer. There was a disaster nearby. Cohen’s first major draft was not signed by Chen, Vanderbilt’s Kumar Rocker, Cohen’s baseball team, and after failing to make a trade deadline difference for those Yankees, Brian Cashman, the Mets wreaked havoc. Are suffering the darkest day – you guessed it – Wilpins.

Cohen is a fraudster, and he deserves time to show that he can make a winning organization. But right now, his mates are being annulled after he left a division he ruled for three months – a division that is worth winning as never before.

Remember, this month’s defeat didn’t start with Powerhouse Dodgers and Giants. It really started with the same franchise that beat Wilpins, last place was Marilyn, who won three of the four. Mets fans couldn’t see it anymore, nor could Steve Cohen. He reacted, just as George Stein Berner would have reacted. No problem.

Now let’s see if the Mets respond to Cohen as the Yankees respond to the boss.


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