Steve Cohen washes the ‘unproductive’ mats as a season spiral

Steve Cohen has spent months preaching patience to frustrated Mets fans on Twitter. The billionaire owner is now the one who needs consolation.

Cohen criticized the Mets for an “unproductive” line-up as the team lost five. 3-2 defeat to the Giants on Tuesday night.

Owner Steve Cohen mocked the struggling Mets.
Owner Steve Cohen mocked the struggling Mets.
Corey Spaken

“It’s hard to understand how professional hitters can be so unproductive. The best teams have more discipline.” Cohen made a splash on Twitter “Slugging and OPS numbers don’t lie.”

This is the first time the first-year owner has publicly reprimanded the team on social media because he has been active on Twitter since taking over the team.

The Mets are ranked 26th in the league with a .380 slugging percentage and a .693 OPS 24th best.

After a strong lead over the division for most of the season, the 59-60 Mets fell behind the Braves in the 4 1/2 games in the NL East.


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