Stewart’s walkout HR beat Japan 2-0 5-0

Yokohama, Japan (AP) – Kelsey Stewart has been successful in the Walk of Item hit in Japan.

Stuart started the game in the seventh inning and the United States defeated Japan 2-1 on Monday to win the Olympic softball group stage – with the final bet in the gold medal game. Was right

“It’s like you dream when you’re a little kid, about hitting home at the Olympics, let alone walk,” Stewart said.

In August 2018, Stewart’s single played a 10-run three-run innings against Japan’s Yukio Yuno, who led the United States to a 7-6 victory at the Women’s Softball World Championships in Cheema, which led to the Olympics. ۔

For the first American home run of the tournament, right-hander Yuka Ichiguchi was knocked out of the glove by Yamata Fujita (0-1) on the 98th pitch before she was knocked out at 12 in the Olympics without RBI.

“She was starting to come down because there were so many cracks in her arm,” Stewart said.

The American players took to the field to celebrate their second straight walkout victory.

“I know he’s strong,” Fujita said, recalling Stuart from 2018, through a spokesman. I think the ball was too easy for them. “

Trying to bounce back from a 3-1 defeat to Japan in the 2008 gold medal game, the Americans ended the group stage 5-0 while Japan fell 4-1.

Stewart’s first innings error was the cause of Japan’s run. It put Suko Yamazaki’s lead off the ground in the third position, and after the sacrifice and Hitomi Kabata’s single, Yamazaki scored on an approved ball from Aubrey Monroe.

Japan rested 39-year-old Yukio Yuno, who defeated the United States in the 2008 gold medal race started by Billy Osterman and Mayo Goto. Fujita and catcher Yukio Mine lost their outtracks after Mashij Moltri was run out of third.

Fouzita, a 30-year-old right-hander who had already won the tournament once, did not retire until Haley McLean (an Olympic best 14) retires.

Jenny Reid, whose husband, Jack, claims the Tampa Bay apologized to the Los Angeles Dodgers earlier in the day, reached an Anfield hit with a bouncer on the shorts top for her second hit in the 13-run bat. Was, and Valerie Arieto was a hit. A two out RBI single

Ally Carda, a 28-year-old right-hander, scored an unbeaten run and four runs in 5/3 innings in the first W at Olympic Hill, which helped him to nine runs and no one was able to walk.

Monica Abbott and Osterman bowled all 29 innings in the first four games.

“Allied Carda has had a tremendous victory over Japan,” said US coach Ken Erickson. “The Allies were scheduled for the game as soon as the Olympic team was named, because we knew the schedule.” … If we had to win this game to join the gold medal game, Elcarda would still get the ball.

Leftist Osterman, 38, faced two lefties in the sixth and both went on strike.

Abbott (3-0) showed a perfect seventh, winning two full games and securing two.

“It was a great opportunity for us to experience all three pitches today before tomorrow’s gold medal match,” Japan coach Rika Atsugi said through a translator.

The 6-foot-3 left-hander is expected to start the scheduled gold medal game on Tuesday, a day before his 36th birthday. Rain is forecast.

“I have no doubt you’ll see four clocks tomorrow,” Erickson said.

Canada 8, Italy 1

Daniel Lowry and Lauren Regula, sisters of former Major League Baseball players, combined for four hits in a game shortened to six innings under a route roll.

Larissa Franklin scored three runs (3-2) for Canada, which won the bronze medal against Australia or Mexico.

Larry (1-1), the 34-year-old sister of former senior legislator Brett Larry, scored an unexpected run and four runs in three innings. Retired 39-year-old sister of retired All-Star Jason Bay scored five runs in three hitless innings.

Jane Gilbert, who was batting at seven, was second behind the center field cameras. Born in Saskatoon, Saskatoon, Gilbert, 29, lives in Denton, Texas.

Franklin doubled the RBI in the third, and shortstop Joey Lee and reliever Alexia Lakatina’s mistakes resulted in three non-run runs in fifth place, including Franklin’s first sacrificial fly and Jane Sailing’s one RB. I included a single, which is 7 on a score of 12.

Victoria Hayward hit a two-run double at number six and Franklin then made another sacrifice.

Greta Sechetti (0-4) scored two runs in four innings (0-5) for Italy.

Erica Piancasteli celebrated the Italian team when her second hit, the RBI’s singles in the third, won the country’s first Olympic run.


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