Sting performed thrillingly in the opening match of AEW Dynamite.

In this week’s opening match of AEW Dynamite, Sting and. Darby Allen. Texas competed in a Toronto match against 2.0 (Matt Lee and Jeff Parker). As expected, The Icon and the former TNT champion came out on top, although it wasn’t easy for them, as the Hale duo pushed them to the limit.

The match should not have started. AEW Dynamite, like John Maxley and Eddie Kingston, had to make an announcement to start the operation. However, 2.0 (Lee, Parker, and Danny Garcia) dropped Maxley from behind and called Sting and Darby Allen for the match.

Shortly after the contest began, it spread outward, with 2.0 gaining control when they outscored Allen by the benefits of their numbers. However, Daniel Garcia was knocked out of the tie by Eddie Kingston after avenging a strong attack on John Moxley.

Darby Allen continued the brutal punishment in the match as he was at the end of a painful looking splices on his skateboard. 2.0 then turned his attention to the sting in the ring, launching a double power bomb through the table on the WCW legend.

Sting made no attack as he stood on his feet in just a few seconds, driving the crowd as expected. Icon then dropped Matt Lee and Nathan Parker with a double scorpion death drop. Finally, Icon closed the Scorpion Deathlock on both Lee and Nathan, and both came out quickly.

What’s next for Sting and Darby Allen at AEW?

As All Out 2021 approaches, one wonders what AEW has for Sting and Darby Allen, according to the September 5 salary. Both are popular with fans, although it looks like they’re going into pay-per-view without a long-term story.

That said, CM Punk’s rumored start to the AEW rampage: The first dance could set up a match with Darby Allen, a former TNT champion who has teased in the past.

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