Style Mail! Where the best celebrities are vacationing this year.

While your flight is getting cancelled, world celebrities are flying private jets, flaunting their assets on superyachts, dining in fine restaurants under the Eiffel Tower and climbing canyons in five-star desert retreats. . Sick, isn’t it?

And yet, we can’t help but look on with envy and pretend we’re looking for travel tips. From historic Roman villas to decadent carriages on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, here’s how the most beautiful celebrities of all time are living their best this summer.

Mark Jacob

Capri, Ponza and Rome

The American fashion designer is spending La Dolce Vita with her hot candle maker husband Char DeFrancesco, her brand’s Global Head of Press Michael Ariano and photographer Nick Newbold. Jacobs revealed the friendship holiday on July 22 with an Instagram photo dump of scrumptious desserts at Il Riccio, a cliff-side restaurant overlooking the famous Blue Grotto in Capri, with comments gushing over her pastries.

The group then headed to the island of Ponza, where Jacobs bumped into Tommy Hilfiger at the port. “Go to Aquapaza for great pizza and pasta,” suggested the fellow designer under a selfie of the adorable couple, to which the response was, “Okay!”. The group also dined at other local spots such as Un Mare di Sapori and La Fontelina, with Jacobs sharing pictures of traditional Italian dishes such as spaghetti alle vongole and spaghetti aglio e olio. After one last pit stop at La Posta Vecchio, a famous seaside villa built in 1640 on the outskirts of Rome, the group finally boarded their private jet back to New York last weekend. Fear not though, Jacobs is still updating with plenty of throwback content from his thrilling journey so you can mindlessly scroll through while sitting at your desk.

USP: The (very well dressed) boys on tour sample Italy’s finest gastronomic delights

Kate Moss


Although the legendary ’90s supermodel has long since put an end to her late-night antics, Kate Moss still enjoys floating around party islands like Ibiza and St Tropez. However, this summer the girl chose a more unlikely destination: Utah. Along with her bestie Rita Ora, they took a girls’ trip to Amangiri, a secluded five-star resort in Colorado’s dramatic Red Rock Desert that has welcomed the likes of Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Hailey Bieber. What is it. The $6,000-a-night hotel overlooks 900 acres of valleys, hills and gorges, which provided the setting for their action-packed schedule, including two style icons braving the cave’s summit ladder. . In fact, the ‘Hot Right Now’ singer even uploaded a rare photo of a moose perched 400 feet above a rocky basin. Very chic.

USP: An adrenaline-fueled wellness retreat worth breaking any no-Instagram selfies policy.

Elon Musk


A Lone Wolf / Mega

What happens when the richest man in the world, a superstar agent and a major fashion designer go on vacation? The answer is, not surprisingly, another extraordinary yacht cruise.

Elon Musk is taking a break from the troubles of his Twitter legal battle with his good friend Ari Emanuel, the CEO who served an impressive stint on the HBO show Entourage, and Sarah Staudinger, the founder of Stud. Although he reportedly rented a villa for two weeks, the famously “anti-vacation” Tesla entrepreneur squeezed in just three days at the luxury party location before heading back to California. During that time, the trio sipped cocktails, sunbathed and swam off the back platform of the $7,000-a-day yacht, Zeus. They also took a day trip to Delos, an island near Mykonos that is one of the most important archeological sites in Greece, and were spotted having lunch at Spilia restaurant on Agia Anna Beach. Not exactly going native, but still.

USP: The ins and outs of locally avoided luxury with similarly ultra-wealthy friends



Getty Images

It’s been a rough time for the Biebers lately. Justin was recently diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, a viral infection that has left half of his face paralyzed, while Hailey suffered a mini-stroke in April. His recent trip to Florence, following the Pop God’s performance at the Lucca Summer Festival, was therefore long overdue. The loved-up couple were spotted soaking up the culture at the Galleria del Accademia de Firenze, with their PDAs alongside Michelangelo’s world-famous David statue going viral on social media.

No trip to the Tuscan capital would be complete without gelato, and the couple visited Gelateria Artegianelle with two bodyguards. Understandably, they caused quite a stir, and took to the historic streets to avoid taking selfies. Never fear though, they managed to cap off their romantic day with a candlelit dinner at La Giostra restaurant, a clubby spot founded by the late Prince Dimitri Kunz d’Esbergo Lorena.

USP: Historical culture as background for PDAs and fan hysteria.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck


Characteristics of Rex

Hollywood’s most famous power couple finally celebrated their wedding 20 years after ending their first engagement with a week-long fling in Paris. Although the wedding was a Las Vegas affair, the honeymoon was anything but. Along with their respective children, the blended family saw impressionist masterpieces at the Musée d’Orsay, chartered the Petrus III, a 71-foot yacht built in 1953, for a cruise down the Seine, and romances like the handsome Jacques Garcia. Ate places. -Designed restaurant Le Matignon.

The newlyweds also left their children on park benches for impromptu make-out sessions and a hearty dinner on a giraffe under the Eiffel Tower, something so romantic it brought The Last Duel actor to tears. As the film did to the audience.

USP: A circuit stops for a snogging pit.


Paris, Venice, St. Tropez

To kick off their 23rd anniversary, Victoria and David Beckham are taking Europe by storm. Starting with his favorite city, Paris, the former footballer shared stories of his fashion designer wife holding heart-shaped balloons and dining al fresco on a hotel balcony. They then took the luxurious Venice Simplon Orient Express, where one-way tickets start from £8,400 per person for a Grand Suite, for a quick break in Venice with Posh’s parents.

Since then it’s been non-stop holidays for the couple, who most recently charted around St Tropez on the £1.6million-a-week superyacht Madsummer. With 10 suites, complete with its own pool, a screening room and a dance floor, the couple invited a large group of friends – including supermodels Gigi Hadid and Sarah Ferguson, as well as their two children, Harper and Cruise – to to join with. Knee high seas. The rowdy group has been jet skiing, sunbathing and croaking. Yes, that’s right, croaking – in fact, Victoria recreated her ’90s girl band days for a drunken rendition of her chart-topping anthem ‘Stop’, which David shared for all of us on social media. shared on

The Inter Miami CF co-owner also took his daughter Harper to Azure Park where the two got their kicks at the nightly entertainment. And the parents left the group to enjoy a lovely dove lunch at La Scoglio da Tommaso restaurant, a popular hotspot in the seaside village of Marina del Cantone.

USP: Family Friendly Mischief

Megan was the stallion


Megan Thee Stallion / Instagram

Head hottie Megan The Stallion showed us how it’s done at her recent blowout in Ibiza. As the originator of ‘Hot Girl Summer’, the rapper delivers a body-ode while sipping champagne in a string bikini aboard a luxury yacht. The Billboard Women in Music Award winner also delighted her fans as she strolled around her white stone, Ocean View Villa, in a leopard print bikini with a glass of white wine in hand. Plus, of course, an onslaught of videos from his friend group lounging on sun loungers, bars and, well, any other smooth surface they could find.

USP: Must party like the ‘Hot Girl Summer’ pioneer.