Subway series bets can’t be too much.

Well, maybe that’s not exactly the way we prepared this first meeting of the subway series on the anniversary of September 11, 2001.

In this perfect blueprint, each of the Mets and Yankees will have great seasons, and the series جبکہ while meaningful, yes, because they’re all meaningful نہیں won’t make the rounds of ending. There will be plenty of time to reflect and remember, and there will be a reduction in every possible effort in the future – if not an annual thing – to be as close to one as possible.

Well, one thing is for sure:

They should really try to do it as often as possible. As basic as both Yankee and Mets were in the days and weeks after the terrorist attacks 20 years ago, it should really be a regular part of the annual memorial. Of course that is the easy part, because it depends only on the skill of the schedule maker, not on the desire of the game.

The second part?

Well, at least you could say:

There is little question about what it means to be connected to this latest version of the subway series. There is no doubt that the two teams will be in a three-match series at Cityfield starting on Friday night.

Two out of three.

Win the subway series.

Win only one series.

Subway series.
Anthony Rezo and Xavier Beaz.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post, AP

Both teams need it. The Yankees have lost six games in a row. After a 6-4 defeat to Toronto on Thursday., Never once this week led to four straight drops against the Blue Jays, and now suddenly finds himself in the playoffs with a tight half-game grip. The Mets lost again, 3-2. Three of the four have lost to the Nationals and the Marlins, and they are close to the point in their season when they have to win every night.

Look, in fact no team will end this weekend, no matter what. For the Mets, the reason is that neither the Braves nor the Phillies have shown any inclination to bury them. For the Yankees, because there’s so much more season left. You conclude from your risk in a week and a half in September.

But that doesn’t change: it certainly feels like the stakes are higher than most of these meetings. Look, nothing will ever compare to the 2000 World Series unless one day (some year) there is a sequel to the Matt / Yankees in the books on the road. And then there will never be a power outage around the city like it did on June 16, 1997, the first time these teams played a game that was counted.

The first time the Mets and Yankees played a significant September game was September 18-20, 2015, the last time both teams would qualify for the post-season that year. Games were important, but still: The Mets grabbed the cushion of eight games in the NL East. The Yankees, however, outscored the Blue Jays by 3 by in the AL East, taking the Astros by four for the first wild card and the twins by 5 for the second.

So when the Yankees won two of the three, there was little change in the leadership of the teams.

Not this time, not this time. The Mets are coming out of the softest period of their schedule in which they will forever mourn that they could not have done better than the 9-5 mark with which they went home from Miami. Now it’s back to university level competition, and it’s not always good for flushing kids.

The Yankees’ situation is not so dire. And just 15 minutes ago it seemed like they had made enough cushions where they could treat these sports but they are happy. But then the 13-game winning streak increased to 2-10 and they lost to the Blue Jays on Thursday. They are not catching the rays and now they have to worry about catching Jax because they run neck and neck with the Sox.

The way you pull it off for a baseball weekend. But once the festivities are over, baseball itself must be intense. Not a bad consolation reward.


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