Success in the familiar business, a heroic process. – El Financiro

Prepare for a transactional process as it is a familiar affair to the entrepreneur, initiate to reconcile that it is a continuous process and transformer, which is not fast and can be inconvenient. When a familiar entrepreneur realizes satisfactorily the transfer of a lineage to another generation, originating from the concept of the family entrepreneurial which is an alternative to knowing that, more than transferring the property and / or, completely and / off. Relationships and other intangibles belong to the family, which can lead to the continuity and multiplication of generations with great transcendence.

The empire family can understand how the United Nations system completes the requisite attitudes and values ​​but, at the same time, promotes an optimal approach to the fluorescence of any of the conformers. The family enterprise as a living organism experimenting with a constant evolution; The evolution of the family, like the empire, and ambitions increase the possibilities of continuity when these evolutionary processes define a proposition and a vision of the future. And this is the decree of perpetuating the United Nations for the creation of multiple generalizations that would reduce the value of the competent venture of the family empires, to the effect that the result would be imperative to prepare the maxim to prove suicidality.

The experts agree that the suicidal sunset is the prior to the possible continuity of a legion that can transcend and emphasize the multiple generations. It is considered to be a strategic and integral process, without aisles and with an attachment and involuntarily absolute of the highest direction for its conduction.

If, however, the motives that lead to the success of the divers, the invocation of the different groups of interiors determine a process more inclusive, but not necessarily more agile; de ahí

Sometimes we make decisions about the process of success because of the mandate of reason, we think that we perceive by others in the organization as imposition and not as a process of benefit for all. Depends on the sophistication in the structures that are family or incorporated to eat the various assumptions that have to be solved in one context and not another. From the ascents resumed in one of the dependents, the great mediator, the complejidad in the structures of negotiation and the proprietary family empire.

Create a culture of plane is a train of time, determination and perseverance, but in the context of the familiar empire can be a predictor of excitement in the process of suicidality. There is no Formula Magicas, the ban on sin, the basics of resuscitation in the active activities:

1. Preparation for the Success: Applying a vision shared as a family empire, recognizing and accepting the existing existences and the ones that will be destroyed.

2. IDENTIFICATION POSSIBILITIES Establishment of rules and requirements for being eligible.

3. Destroy the planes of life and career for those who are possible.

4. Selection of successor or successor.

5. Download the plan of retiro del fundador (a) (o líder) of the familiar business.

6. Preparation of the system: empire, family, strategy and future of the legacy.

7. Cambio de estafeta (generalized transition).

The volunteer to reconcile that is a good moment to initiate, to be able to invoke all the implications in the decisions that are to be made and to be able to transcend any other antis of transceiver, to transcend the transcendence. , ensuring the formation of negativity, is the only condition that conducts itself with a successful process of the new generation, and with the satisfaction of the intended cargo.

Last but not least, the velocity of the camouflage, the transformative and technological impact on the business, the movability of the people, a preconceived notion of the value of the camouflage. . Some aspects that alert us to the new modifications of the transformations that lead us to a better world of life and life for everyone.

Maria F. Fonseca Parades

Affiliation: Mar Doa Fonseca’s Doctorate is the Director of the Institute of Familial Entrepreneurs of Monterrey. It promotes economic and business development issues, family empires, leadership and innovation. Creation of impact initiatives in the development and management of family enterprises. This Doctorate in Industrial Relations by the University of Toronto.