Suko was sentenced to 52 years in prison for repeatedly hanging and filming a two-year-old girl

A convicted child molester has been jailed for 52 years for repeatedly hanging his girlfriend’s two-year-old daughter.

David J. Coleman, 38, was sentenced Tuesday in Omaha for shockingly abusing a young girl. Obama World Herald Reports

He was initially charged with attempted murder but accepted a plea agreement for two child abuse cases that resulted in serious bodily harm.

Douglas County District Judge Duan Dogarty sentenced him, saying there was a lot of violence. “When someone harms a child at that age – or it doesn’t matter his age – it’s as bad as it gets.”

The ordeal came on December 14 last year when Coleman filmed himself on two separate occasions wrapping a pink scarf around the little girl’s neck.

The girl escaped suffocation but police were alerted just a few days later when her mother received a shocking video on her boyfriend’s phone.

A video showed Coleman hanging the little girl from the shelf unit as she repeatedly lost consciousness.

Nebraska man David J. Coleman repeatedly hanged his girlfriend's two-year-old daughter and filmed her when he went out.
Authorities say David J. Coleman hung his two-year-old daughter for five minutes.
Nebraska Sex Offender Registry
Nebraska man David J. Coleman repeatedly hanged his girlfriend's two-year-old daughter and filmed her when he went out.
David J. Coleman has been charged with two counts of child abuse that resulted in serious bodily harm.
Nebraska Sex Offender Registry

(Coleman) can be seen holding him to his chest and tying him to his neck and lifting him from his neck to force him to breathe, gasp, cry and gargle. “Just to resume the previous round, before putting him in the gallows position again,” Obama Police Detective Alexis Bolts wrote in his report.

The incident lasted five minutes, police said.

The second video showed the girl in her car seat as Coleman wrapped the same pink scarf around her neck.

“The victim can be seen in the red and blue video,” Bolts wrote in the report.

Coleman later blamed methamphetamine for his brutal actions.

She has previous child abuse sentences, including one in which a child was broken and burned by a heating pad.


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