Suman 48 migrants die in abandoned truck in Texas

San Antonio.- Cuarenta and ocho migrants have died from being abandoned in a tract in a remote camino vein in San Antonio, in the more recent tragedy that has led to the migration of migrants from Mexico to Estados. Diecisisis personas, entre ellas cuatro niños, fueron hospitalizadas.

Officially informed 46 migrants died in the hospital, but the martes reported that two of them died in the hospital.

An emperor municipal escuchó un pedico de auxilio desde de camión el lunes poco antes de las 6 de la tarde y discovery la escena horripilante, dijo el jefe de policía William McManus. Horas look very nice for the caddy tenders in the suede and the cherubs in the interior of the room.

The alchemist of San Antonio, Ron Nirenberg, says that those who die have “families that are probably looking for a better life”.

“This is not a man who has a horrible human tragedy”, Diego Nیرrnberg.

The Secretary-General of the Casa Blanca Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters at the Air Force One that President Joe Biden is “monitoring these reports absolutely absurd and disturbing”. Responsible de los mevers.

“We rejoice in the truth of life, we love it, we love it, we love it, we love it, we love it.”

The crosses of the frontier have cost thousands of lives in ancient mediums to find a better future in the north. In 2017, 10 migrants died at a hospital in Walmart in San Antonio. In 2003, there were 19 migrants in a camouflage abandoned in San Antonio in the middle of a strong calorie.

D inmediato se detonocía lo países de origen de todos los migrantes y desde cuándo se escontraban abandonados a la vera del camino vecinal.

Among them are 22 Mexicans, sixty guatemaltecos and two Honduranos, led by Roberto Velasco Alvarez, Jefe de Unidad for the Norte of America from the Secretariat of External Relations of Mexico.

In a way to express its condolences and hope that all the responses will be fulfilled before the justification.

On the other side of Texas there is more transit in the area since the crosses were not authorized by the frontier. The migrants and veterans pass the retreats of the Patrulla Fronteriza to San Antonio, the largest city in the city, from where they are dispatched by all United States.

There have been many other events before the migrants joined the frontier. In December, more than 50 martyrs died when they were transported in a rut in Mexico. In October, the Mexican authorities announced that 652 migrants had been killed in front of the border. Los habían detenido en un retén militar.

The politics of arribar encountered a cadre in the corner of the camón, which had a strong entourage. There were three people arrested, but they were not stable and they were in contact with the human traffickers, said McManus. The camouflage is desperate for the martes for the mañana, but the access to the halgar of the hallowed seguea blokeado.

The 16 hospitalized with tracheal provocations by calorie, 12 Iranian adults and several Iranian children, including the Jeff de bombers Charles Hood. Dijo que estaban deshidratados y que no había agua en el camión.

“Padecían golpe de calor y extenuación”, dijo hood. “There is a refrigerated tract, but there is no air conditioner in the air.”

The passages of the camouflage were part of a premeditated attempt by migrants from the United States, and the investigation is the work of the National Security Department.

The great camouflage was convincing in a contradictory method used by the principals of the 90’s to multiplicate them to impress the English in San Diego and El Paso, Texas, among the more ruts.

Before that, the gente pagaba una pequeña tarifa locadores locas que los ayudaban a cruzar una frontera escasamente vigilada. The idea that the crucifixion would be more difficult to deal with in the wake of the 2001 terror attacks, the migrants empowered by the hundreds of thousands of dollars to be introduced by the terrified pagodasos.

The calorie constituent is a palero grave, about all in the interior of the vehicles. The sky was rising in the zone of San Antonio, but the temperature was about 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit).

Some of the migrant workers encountered a relationship with the current migration policies. Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, Director of the Considejo of the Immigration Council, writes that there has been a series of tragedies since this month.

“With a frontier but not like how it is to the migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, the genteel and the tomar rutas are sometimes more pelvis.

Stephen Miller, one of the principals of the prominent immigration politicians of Donald Trump, said that “the contrabandists and trainees of human beings are very malignant”, and the method of security frontier of the presidents.

The governor of the Republic of Texas, Greg Abbott, who seeks his reluctance, said without ambition that “these are dead to the responsibility of Biden. The result of your mortified politics of frontera abierta “.

The migration of migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador more than 2 million years ago will have a normal vigor since March 2020 that will not allow them to negotiate the possibility of resolving the issue. losserados de solicitar en la desire No legal consensus. Finding countries like Cuba, Nicaragua and Colombia is still a good place to spend at the expense of deportation, tens of diplomatic relations and other considerations.

The Office for the Advancement and Protection of the United States (CBP for its Initiatives) reported 557 deaths in the 12 months since September 30, more than double the number of 247 seasons. llevan estadísticas. The most important thing is calorie intake.

The CBP has not released a cipher of the dead for this ace, but it says that Patrulla Fronteriza took a cabo 14 mil 278 “missions of inquiry and rescues” in the eighty months that conclude in May, compare me318 318 entries and 5 07 07 año anterior.