Summon Military Trias … O Bajas!

Considering that the Gobierno of the 4T has his own trails to the Secretariat of the Marina (Semar) and of the National Defense (Sedena), the dependencies of the registered registrars are still the number one mayor in his personal life.

In the first trimester, 363 elements of Semar solitaire baja, which is 429 of Sedena. Try treating it more than salidas at institutes that have duplicated their functions in this sex.

In the case of Semar, the bajas pertained to 274 marineros, 45 cabos, 11 terrestrial masters and 24 corbettas of the corpse, with an official report of dependency.

The chiffra of renncias in the first three months of 2022 represents a promising 121 effective menus.

In all 2021 the Armada of Mexico has 379 elements, one of 31 elements in the month.

In 2020 Darse de Baja 223, a promising 18 effective man, we believe that in 2019 it will have only 75, a promising 6 Marine.

The first number of bajas registered in a quarter of a century with the new laborers in the security of the part of the personal naval in aerospace, aduanas and puertos.

On the 5th of May, 500 million Furon enviados at the International Airport of Mexico (AICM), and this is due to the fact that the dependence on all cargo of 17 aduanas, is the same as the control over its head. , the drug deal.

At the heart of the Violence in Morelos, a group of 235 marines also came to the rescue this day.

For Guillermo Garduño, Academic of the UAM and expertise in the military forces, the cargo of the cargo and the remuneration of the baja is generating la baja.

“Here are two assurances: the fatiga of personal, if you tell the mayor part of the bajas son of the tropa, or the new ingroso o that you have a salario bajo y se desesperan, ven la carga de trabajo, no can, se dan for venice and se van.

The Sedena also received reports from her personal.

In the first trimester of 2022, a 143-month-old probationary procedure was declared by the Ejercito department.

Accompanied by a report from Defensa, in the first three months of August, 383 soldados, 15 cabos, 13 sergeants, 7 sergeants, 9 sergeants, a tenant and a prime captain, for a total of 429.

The chiffra represents a 16 per cent more than in 2021, when it reported a 123 bajas. In 2020 there will be 97 promissory notes, and in 2019, 88.

In this context, the Ejércitt t also registers an application in public, in the form of security, presuppositional estimation, frontendas, and the status quo. International Philippe Angeles International (AIFA), apart from the helpers in civil affairs cases.

A military command that can alert the anonymity about the activations in the seals that can capture the elements of the instrument.

“This personal is entrenched, it is capacious, it is the gossip of the goblins in the elves, and the question is: is it possible to deal with all these potential military forces that you have?”, Externally.

“There are those who like a band of others, who are engrossed – with experience and with the help of militarists in narcissism, to constitute very few fuertes and poderosis,” he said.

… Y otros se van por mala conducta

In addition to the actual administration, 243 elements of the National Secretariat of Defense and 33 of the Armada of Mexico have been told to go out of business, revealing information of dependencies with the court of law.

This situation has to be seen mainly with the fact that the militias do not have to comply with the concept of its functions, roaming the disciplined or falling into its debts.

Also consider the drug consignment that has been altered and / or falsified documents.

Not to be outdone, in the National Development Program 2019-2024 figured out an Ethical Study in which the integrators of the Fuerzas Armadas also included fuels. This plant plant, among other things, the rendering of accounts, the equity, the respect of human beings and the act of discrimination and equal sexuality.

In two days, the Secretariat of the Marina, Rafael Ojeda, revealed to President Andrés Manuel López that the dependence on uniformed training for vendors in crime had been organized.

“All men are behind us three times inside our institute”, said Ojeda. “We detect elements that are sacral, about all uniforms, and sell them to the organized organization. Unfortunately, we have a counterintelligence that they detected and they gave us the baja,” he added. dijo

This is because of the fact that since the conduct of Suman las 2 mil 309 integrations of the Sedena that in this sexen-también hasta marzo – han desertado de las filas militares, an act que es perseguido por la justicia militar con memes de encumiogtelé, o encuprio la gravedad del abandono del cargo