Surpisa! Celebrate the cantina of Monterrey and the cobras 13 mil pesos for a ‘shot’ – Meczyki

In Monterrey, a restaurant has given an immortal saber of boca to a group of friends who had to celebrate a couple, to get the cuenta to the cargo de Non-shot D 13 million pesos for the whiskey of cueo precio no fueron informedos.

On Facebook, Karla Gonzalez uses her experience to assist her with one day La Boina BaraA contemporary canteen in Monterrey, a couple coming to celebrate the feast of a friend.

The first thing to do is to say goodbye Revise the cart to see the precautions. “We have a presupposition of more or less cuatro mil pesosyo vi el menú antes, me sentí segura ”, detalla en la publicación original.

Bebieron tequila (the most cherished que pidieron) and lumego limonada, cerveza y sus platos fuertes, sin embargo, cuando lelegó el pastel Lace of resiron whiskeyThere are various options, the most important ones and the most furious ones, until the final qualification of a Dalmore 25.

“The messenger always told me that he was going to make the most of what he had,” Karla said. 13 million Iran D-shots (wasn’t 1 shot) of whiskey ”, which is a fairy tale that never encountered the precise list.

‘El mesero dijo que teníamos que pagar’

“Pedimos hablar con el gerente, nunca nos dio la cara, the message that we have given youIn a moment of angstia pedí my friends more cercanos que me ayudaran y me animaron a seguir insistiendo en que no era justo ”.

Disputes the fourteen-year-old from his horse esperando a response to the restaurant, the whole fue a sacar diner for si acaso.

Let’s talk about the caption that we are alone dijo que solo era engaño si nosotros pedíamos una cosa y se nos entrego otra, but if we don’t have the right one, there is no era. We also think that these characters are characterized by always wanting to sell gamma alta de mixología. But it doesn’t matter what it is we have to know tomorrow

The autobiography agrega que capitán les dijo una y otra vez que había gente que tomaba copas de 30 mil pesos y que If you do not understand the precision“I told him that he wasn’t my case and that he was just a special occasion, or that he wasn’t looking for a car to take him home.”

In the final post of his post, he got it right Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco): “Learn from the past and say no to the past, the best way to get rid of the squirrels, bye. Profeco NUEVO LEÓN te encargo, pésima respuesta de gerente y meseros “.


The precise deben estar exhibits, afirma Profeco

In various occasions, the Profeco recalls that the restaurants are here obliged to display the precision of clarato say that the impostors, the people who consume them are the ones who bring the information: “All the information and services that you offer oportuna, completa, clara y veras

In this way, the precise exhibits should be considered, not allowed to augment unjustly.

Adimas, L. darecho a elegir This is one of the guarantees with the customer that, given the possibility of learning a product or service without prescription or condensation.

Because of this, there is a situation where the opposite of the consumer can be denounced before Profeco.

Este miércoles The restaurant is a communicator In his red social dreams in connection with the event, we commented that the whiskey cup of Dalmore had 25 hours of precision. seis mil 500 pesos“Los comensales pidieron Dos Copa (not a single shot as seen in the posts), the traces of the traps appear in the main part of the recourse this part of the photograph. We have always been in the state of our men

Asimismo, detallan que desde el juves 16 de junio se contactó con la persona para darle seguimiento al caso y ese mismo día If you give the devil of your religion“Fue error of mesero no comment on the precision of the trago”.

The user is tired of publicity, even though the continent is constantly circulating on social media.


¿What is the whiskey Dalmore 25?

Dalmore is the origin of Alness, Escocia, specializing in lujo etiquette.

A special whiskey The Dalmore characterizes from 25 years ago because it is officially done in American blank roble with a certain amount. 25 a enos in bourbon barricades.

Accompanied by its technical ficha, it has aromatic and exotic fruits with caramelo de melaza, mazapán, vanilla vanilla, tortoise herbs and balsamic dulce.

There are notes of oranges, chocolate truffles, regaliz, cirulas dulces and pasas empadas de jerez and final en boca with azacar de merara, jarabe de arce, chocolate amargo and specs of pan jengibre.

The need for a bottle of 700 milliliters is equal to 50 milliseconds.