Surprisingly, the migrant survived two days with his severed foot: a doctor

It as an African migrant with his foot cut off by the train will crawl for two days Being able to ask for help and still survive, it was something surprising, almost impossible; reported the head of Amparo Pape Hospital in Benavides, Angel Cruz Garcia.

The doctor said that the young man, born in Sierra Leone, unfortunately lost his balance when he boarded “the beast” and fell between the roads that cross Castaños ejidos.

With the fast movement, this could not prevent his foot from being torn apart by the railway wheels and since he was in the middle of nowhere, he had no choice but to continue advancing at all costs.

He crawled for two days, until he reached Baján, the villagers saw him and asked for his help. He was practically helpless for two days”.

When he arrived at lunchtime on Monday, he underwent a surgical cleaning to amputate the injured areas, a tear of ligaments, tendons, and a necrobios, that is, an infection due to the time it spent crawling and in the environment where it was.

Currently traumatologist and surgeons announced that its distal third will be amputated, they try to avoid much of your foot so that you get a better quality of life.

“He is freshly groomed, feeds well, neologically he is intact, have relatives coming in the caravan, in fact, they called him his girlfriend, but he did not want to talk to her because he does not want to be seen crying, he was very woundedAs for the rest, they are very healthy people, they are recovering in a surprising way, let’s hope that only his foot will be released, he continues his journey, continues where he wants to go ”.

The doctor and the head of the hospital confirmed that the survivor of this situation it was something surprising, may have died of a hypovolemic shock, apparently he used some pressure technique to avoid losing more blood.

“Hemoglobin gives 11.4 the normal is 12 to 14, it was surprising, I imagine that used some pressure mechanism on his footHe shows no significant blood loss, compared to the injuries he sustained on his foot “, he concluded.


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