Suspense continues to provide contributions to retired employees of the El Seglo de Turin Municipality of Turin

The expectation revolves around the possibility that Baldia Turin employees can claim 100% of their contribution to the pension fund through security means, once they have terminated their employment relationship with the current administration.

Rosalba Rodriguez, who is in charge of a single union of employees and workers in the service of the Republican City Council of Turin, warned that if the full refund of contributions from the pension fund was given to retiring employees, the financial stability of the pension would go to the directorate itself. He called on trusted workers, especially councilors, whose salaries are higher, to reconsider their intentions and reach an understanding on the issue.

“Yes, we are very concerned about the fact that they want to get themselves one hundred percent, but we are here to fight ourselves. Legally, it is 50 and when they entered the pension, they Signed an agreement that said they were going to take back 50%, we appeal for goodwill and if there is no goodwill we have to get into it.

Rodriguez also said he respects workers’ right to appeal for their empowerment to get 100%, although he was confident that such cases would not reach the municipality in the next few weeks. The administration has.

“They can protect themselves, they have a right and we can’t stop them, but if they have a little reasoning, I think they’ll think about it, because the law says only 50 The percentage is what they can take. It’s no use, it’s the contribution they made. If they had an accident or something at the time, the pension would have paid them back. Thank God That they are recovering from the administration, and nothing is happening is far from giving 50%.

In this regard, the director of the Pension of Turin, Jose Manuel Ramirez, confirmed that in recent years there is only one record that has requested the return of 100% of the contribution before the office, it is a resolution against the address and it protects Forced to provide total funding through previous promotions.

On the impact of such an increase in legal resources on the finances of pensions, Ramirez Tourau pointed out that it would depend on the number of workers and the size of their contributions, which are due to natural causes. The higher the salary, the higher the cost of being affected.


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