Swim Ireland’s pop-up pool coming to Tubercery, Co Sligo in August

With the recent announcement of plans for the arrival of the Swim Ireland pop-up pool in autumn, the community of Tubercery and the wider area are looking with great enthusiasm for the opportunity to enjoy swimming indoors in their community.

With the support of Sligo County Council, the LIGO Sport and Recreation Partnership is delighted to partner with Swim Ireland to develop this innovative solution for an area with no swimming pool with tubercles to benefit from a mobile pop-up pool for three months. can be presented.

The pop-up pool is a 12m x 3.4m steel structure that holds 45,000 liters of water and is heated to 30 degrees. The pool is sheltered from the elements in a hard-sided and heated marquee with changing rooms on an all-inclusive ramp and boom.

It will provide the perfect place to learn to swim, develop swimming skills or just relax and enjoy how great it feels to submerge your head in the water. The opportunities are endless and will include school swimming programs, evening and weekend swim lessons, community group sessions and private rentals over a 12-week period.

Jack Chambers, Minister of State for Sport and Geltacht, commented, “The Pop-Up Pool Program is a brilliant initiative that focuses on bringing swimming to the heart of the community and making swimming accessible to as many people as possible. Pop-up in Dublin Fingle The pool has been incredibly popular and I am glad this scheme is now being extended to Sligo. It will help more people be physically active and lead healthier lives. Swimming is also an important life-skill and pop -Up Pool will help prepare more people of all ages to be safe in the water.

Speaking at the announcement, Emir Konkonnen, Acting Director of Service Sligo County Council and President of the Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership, said, “This is a very new way of providing swimming opportunities in communities. Providing new permanent swimming pools can be expensive. and this new “pop-up” feature provides an excellent solution by providing swimming opportunities at relatively low cost. I would like to consider such an innovative project more locally I would like to thank Swim Ireland for acknowledging the work of the Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership, who have worked in partnership with Sligo County Council to bring pop-up pools to the Tubercery.

“This is an opportunity for the tubercry and wider South Sligo area to host this pool in a rural location outside the urban center of Sligo Town,” said Sligo County Council Councilor Michael Clarke’s Cathaorlich.

Sarah Keane, CEO of Swim Ireland, said: “We are delighted to bring the pop-up pool to the tubercery. At Swim Ireland our vision is ‘an island of swimmers’ and we hope that by bringing pop-up pools to people we can teach thousands to swim and give them the experience and opportunity to see swimming as a skill and something can give. They can participate in all stages of life. We also see the pop-up pool as a first step in supporting the development of a National Swimming Strategy, a large part of which will focus on indoor and outdoor swimming infrastructure. We are delighted to be working with the Sligo Local Sports Partnership and Sligo County Council and would also like to thank the OPW for allowing us to use our land in the center of the tubercle which allows us to locate the pool in the center of the population. enables installation. ,

Ashley Hunter, Swim Ireland’s Head of Participation, said, “We have been working for the past six months to bring pop-up pools to tubercry and I am delighted that the pool will open soon. The population, number of schools and community groups The tubercle was identified as the next location for the pop-up pool based on the number of people and the enthusiasm of the local community. We are engaging with schools and community groups and we expect to reach around 700 swimming pools per week. will provide opportunities.

SSRP Sports Coordinator Deirdre Lavin said: “This is an innovative approach towards helping people of all ages and all abilities swim and develop confidence in the water, and it is especially welcome in the rural community of Tubercery where people have always enjoyed swimming in the pool. In doing so I would like to acknowledge Swim Ireland for providing the SSRP with the opportunity to experience pop-up pools outside of Dublin, while locally at Sligo County Council and Support from the community of tuberceries including the Office of Public Works and Garda Síochána Sligo have ensured that the pop up pool is becoming a reality.”

Speaking on behalf of Sport Ireland, CEO Dr Una May said, “This is a wonderful collaborative initiative by Swim Ireland and the Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership, which is working locally with Sligo County Council to bring pools to the rural community of Tubercery. This will provide a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in swimming, regardless of their ability or experience in the pool. On behalf of Sport Ireland, I wish everyone at Swim Ireland and Sligo this very Join the exciting initiative and enjoy many hours in the pop-up pool this autumn.

The pop-up pool is operated by Swim Ireland. It is indoors, heated, fully furnished, fully accessible and has varying amenities. There are lifeguards and swim teachers on duty and the pool has a capacity for 16 children and 12 adults. Bookings for the pool can be made on the Swim Ireland website at Me and the Water Swim Ireland. Bookings will open over the next few weeks and there will be options for schools, community groups, Learn to Swim and Aqua Aerobics, we expect demand to be high so book early to avoid missing out.