T-Rex inaugurated which will occupy the roundabout and Desert Museum in Saltillo

The figure represents Coahuila and part of the Saltillo culture; “Pretty sensational,” they hope, and the citizens respect the dinosaur that appeared as “The Guardian of the Museum of the Desert.”

As part of the celebration of more than 20 years, this Thursday, Desert Museum and the mayor of Saltillo, the band did the cutting of the structures in Tyrannosaurus Rex which will occupy an important roundabout in the city, as well as the guarding of the fence.

After 20 years of occupying the same space, earlier days tyrannosaurus rex listed as “MUDE’s Guardian”, was reinstalled at the roundabout between Luis Echeverría and Manuel Pérez Treviño, i Metropolitan Center from the city.

In the place occupied by this enduring figure representing the culture of paleontological science in the region, a new figure was installed by Desert Museum, and was unveiled during its celebration 22 years at the inauguration of the fence.

In this regard, the mayor Manolo Jimenez, said that this is an achievement between businessmen and the government, and recalled it This place is the most important in the area of ​​Latin America.

It was all a sensation. Today it was fully lit and we ask you to take good care of it, it is a way to keep our city beautiful with paleontology“, he said of the figure who now occupies the boulevard and who can not only be observed by those who walk to Wonder Park or that MUDE, but by those who pass.

About the sculpture of Tlaxcala women who occupied the site of the roundabout, the mayor said the site where it will be moved is still under analysis.


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