Taiwan emite alerta tras maneuvers militares de China – Meczyki

Taiwan said that China’s military exercises seemed to simulate an attack on the autonomous island, after multiple Chinese warships and planes crossed the media line. Estrecho de Taiwan After a visit from the President of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, a Taipéi, que enojó a Beijing.

Las Ferizas Armadas Taiwanesesas Emitron A warning, mobilized air and naval patrols around the island and activated land missile systems in response to Chinese maneuvers, the Taiwanese Ministry of National Defense said on Twitter.

The Ministry of Defense of China explained in a statement on Saturday that it executed its military exercises according to the forecast in maritime and air spaces to the north, southwest and east of Taiwan, with the the aim de “probar las capacitas” de sus sistemas de ataque terrestre y asalto marítimo.

China initiated its operation, which included a real fire, after Pelosi’s visit to the island in the middle of the week, alleging that the officials had violated the policy of “one China”. Beijing considers that the island is a seceded province that must be annexed, por la fuerza si fuese necesario, and ve la visita de funcionadores extranjeros al territorio como un recognition de su sovereignnia.

El ejercito taiwanés indicó además que detectó cuatro aeronaves no tripuladas que volaban cerca de la región de Kinmen el viernes en la noche, según un reporte de la Agencia Central de Noticias de Taiwan.

Los cuatro drones, que Taiwan cre que son chinos, fueron avistados sobre las aguas que rodean el archipiélago de Kinmen, la cercana isla de Lieyu y en el islote de Beiding, de acuerdo con el Mando de Defensa de Kinmen.

The Taiwanese army fired warning flares and responded.

Kinmen, also known as Quemoy, is a group of islands that is only 10 kilometers east of the Chinese coastal city of Xiamen, in the province of Fujian, and in the Strait of Taiwan that divides India into two separate islands. Civil N. 1949.

“Nuestro gobierno y nuestras fuerzas armadas Monitorean de cerca los ejercicios militares y las operaciones guerra de information de China, listos para Responde si es necesario”, affirmed the President of Taiwan, Tsai-enwen, unenwit.

“Pido a la comunidad internacional que respalde al Taiwan democratica y detenga cualquier escalada en la situación de seguridad regional”, he added.

Las Maneubras Chinas Comanzaron L. Jeeves Y se espera que terminen el domingo. Hasta el momento, los ejercicios han incluido ataques con Missile sobre objetivos en el norte y el sur de la isla. This reminded me of the last great Chinese simulacrum, between 1995 and 1996, with which Beijing pretended to intimidate the leaders and voters of the territory.

Both the government of Joe Biden and Pelosi have said that The United States continues to be committed to the “one China” policy. that recognizes Beijing as the government of China but allows informal relations and defense with Taipei. The White House discouraged Pelosi’s visit, but did not prevent it.

China canceled defense talks with Washington and imposed sanctions on Pelosi in response.

Por otra parte, los ciberataques que tantan de collapsar el cibersitio del Ministerio de Exteriores de Taiwan se duplicaron entre el jueves y el viernes, en comparison con ataques similares registrados antes de la visita de Pelosi, la una de Pelosi, la segísia de Notes. The Ministry did not specify the origin of the attack.

Other ministries and government agencies, like the Interior, suffered similar attacks on their websites, the report added.

The Taiwanese are mostly in favor of maintaining the status quo of the de facto independence of the island and reject the Chinese demands to unify with the continental territory, governed by the Communist Party.

At the global level, the majority of countries subscribe to the “one China” policy, which is a requirement to maintain diplomatic relations with Beijing.