Taiwan will oppose China’s demand for a “peaceful alliance.”

The Taiwanese president said the island nation would continue to defend itself and would resist “the path that China has taken for us” in comments made a day later. Xi Jinping Commitment to peaceful unity

“We will do our best to prevent the stalemate from unilaterally changing,” President Tsai Ing-wen said at the island’s National Day celebrations on Sunday.

“We will continue to strengthen our national defense and show our commitment to our defense to ensure that no one forces Taiwan to take this path,” he scolded the Chinese leader. Maybe what China has told us. “

Tsai also noted the differences between Taiwan’s democratic autonomy and China’s Communist Party-ruled state.

“The path that China has taken does not offer a free and democratic way of life for Taiwan or sovereignty for our 23 million people,” he said.

Protesters in Taiwan hold up signs reading anti-Chinese dictatorship.
Protesters hold signs reading anti-Chinese dictatorship during a demonstration in Taiwan on October 1, 2021.
Light photos by Getty Images.

His remarks came amid rising tensions last week when People’s Liberation Army planes violated Taiwan’s airspace and revealed that There is a special operations unit in the United States. And a small force of Marines on the island.

At the same time, the United States and its allies have conducted naval exercises in the South China Sea – operations that China has warned are “face to face” with the militants.

Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has claimed that the Communist government wants a peaceful alliance with Taiwan.
Xinhua News Agency / Getty Images

China believes Taiwan is part of its territory and has not ruled out the use of force to reunite Taiwan.

But Xi vowed to achieve a “peaceful alliance” with Taiwan in a speech on Saturday, saying it would best serve the interests of the Taiwanese people.

“Taiwan’s separatism is the biggest obstacle to the reunification of the motherland, and the most serious hidden threat to national youth,” Xi said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Chinese President Xi Jinping believes that Taiwan is part of Chinese territory.
Xinhua News Agency via Genti Images

The Chinese leader said that no one should underestimate the strong determination, determination and strong ability of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity. “The historic duty of full unity of the motherland must be fulfilled, and will certainly be fulfilled.”

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