Tampa WR Mike Evans is no longer a dominant player.

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Last night, the Tampa Bay Buckeyes and the Dallas Cowboys kicked off the 2021-22 NFL season. The blow that should have been in the eyes of many fans turned out to be an absolutely thrilling film with two lead changes in the last two minutes, as well as a classic Tom Brady winning the return drive in the last minute to the field goal. Delivered . Oh, and A miss call

Doc Prescott looked incredible in his first start after his devastating injury last season. CeeDee Lamb and Amari Cooper both saw the ball early and often to help get their quarterback out. Even against one of the top defensive units in the NFL, and absentee Ezekiel Elliott (it’s not his fault he wasn’t just part of Calvin Moore’s game plan), the Cowboys look like legitimate contenders. Were

On the Tampa side, Tom Brady showed that he still had a lot of arm left. Leonard Fornet argued. The most important catch Of the night. Rob Gronkowski looked incredible with eight receptions, 90 yards, and two touchdowns. Antonio Brown looked like the old AB (but still, the screw. El Michaels.), And Chris Goodon himself one night; Mess on the goal line. The only person who didn’t look good was Tampa Bay’s No. 1 receiver, Mike Evans.

Evans, 28, has had a historic NFL career. He is the only recipient who started his career. Season seven straight 1000 yards.. However, during last night’s game, Evans did not look like a man to set a record. He looked like the No. 4 option on the offense of the box. During last night’s game, Evans was hit only six times – Gronkowski, Godon, Brown, and even less than Fornet. Yes! Tom Brady saw Evans on his 12% pass.

Evans was the only one in his career before last night to put those numbers into perspective. Targeted six or less times. 24 times in a game it was a year in which Evans only got a target share. 17.4%, And while he has been leading the bikinis in this category every season since 2015, he has actually achieved the least target share in every season since 2017. It’s been clear for some time that Evans isn’t the same player he used to be, and don’t let me say, “Oh, Brady likes to spread the ball well. That’s why.” True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing.

It was clear to anyone who saw last night that Brandon had more goals than Gronkowski, Godon and Brown Evans. Certainly, the Cowboys may have made a concerted effort to limit Evans’ influence on the game, but the Cowboys are secondary to what we’re talking about. Cowboys Secondary is not good. Even if Trevon Daggs or Anthony Brown were asked to shade Evans all night, there are no closed corners that would silence anyone like Evans.

I still believe Evans is one of the most talented receivers in the league, and his size and ball skills have made him an incredible threat in the red zone. However, he is not the same guy who once argued for the best receiver in the league. Although I don’t want to make too many assumptions based on a game, the evidence suggests that it’s time for a new receiver to take the place of No. 1. Will it be Godon? Will it be brown? I don’t know, but it’s definitely not Mike Evans. Its historic series ends in 2021.


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