Tanya Snyder of the WFT claimed that the comments were out of context.

Tania Snyder, co-owner of the Washington football team, claimed on Friday that she had since been “selectively cited”. Her comments about her family’s reaction. There was outrage over the team’s scandals.

“It’s disappointing that my comments. [on] The Adam Shifter podcast has been selectively cited and removed from the context, “Snyder said in a statement. To the Washington Post.

In one Interview with Adam Shifter of ESPN On Wednesday, Snyder shouted that his children, who are in their teens and early 20s, are worried about recent team scandals and their off-field record.

“It’s been the hardest year for me, the life of Dean and our family,” he was quoted as saying. Billionaire husband And team co-owner, Daniel Snyder.

Snyder, 54, said his children were molested during an NFL investigation. Sexual harassment and bullying are rampant. In a team work environment

NFL The team was fined 10 million in July. The league’s investigation into the workplace culture, which uncovered more than 40 employees, came just days after Tanya Snyder added her husband, Dan Snyder, as co-CEO of the team.

“It’s difficult. I have a lump in my throat. It’s a cross between a crime show and a nightmare movie.

In a statement Friday, Snyder sought to clarify that she and her husband had apologized to employees who had suffered “painful experiences.”

Daniel Snyder and the Washington football team are in the spotlight due to allegations of harassment in the organization.
Daniel Snyder and the Washington football team are in the spotlight due to allegations of harassment in the organization.
Susan Walsh, File / AP

To be clear, we have apologized many times for the difficult and painful experiences of some of the people who worked for the Washington football team, and we have promised that anyone who works for the team will return. While Dan and I team will not experience such treatment.

“I reiterate this apology today. In addition to our words of apology, our actions ب including the many changes we have made to employee support and training, to the role of leadership team and my co-CEO-are on a daily basis. But Washington demonstrates our commitment to the football team, a professional and respectable workplace, and a source of pride for our employees and the community as a whole.

In December 2020, Dan Snyder. A private $ 1.6 sexual abuse settlement was reached. With a former crew who reported an incident on a 2009 private jet.

Then in February, a group of former chair leaders with the team claimed that a pornographic video. Was made of them Swimming suit calendar shots use pictures

The women claimed that in 2008, the team’s in-country broadcast unit was ordered by two of the team’s top executives to make a video of Dan Snyder showing the outtake.

“Sanders has apologized for the team’s past behavior,” Tanya said in a statement.
Dan Hofmeyer / AP

Former employee Megan Umbert, who left the team as a producer on the team’s broadcasts after 2011, Told Yahoo Sports. On Wednesday, he found Tanya Snyder’s interview “insulting.”

“Lack of confession. [from Snyder]This selfish arrogance, that glow of ego that we have seen and we know. He showed the colors of this pair. [Dan and Tanya] Really, “Umbert told the store.

“[Snyder said] He had to stop reading. [the investigator’s findings] And said it was ‘very funny’ – was it because you were completely stunned, or were you saying it wasn’t real? It made us feel completely infamous; we shed light on the truth but somehow you are a victim of last year?


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